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  1. I love this hobby and i am always trying new things out. I have 2 growing areas both 2x4's. One tent has a rapid led cobb fixture which i love due to versatility of changing cobbs out per veg or flower. Other area had a blurple kind xl600 320 actual watts, which worked ok but buds always came out airy compared to the cobbs. Been seeing the debates about QB boards so i broke down and bought one to replace the Kind led light. It is a 320 watt 3500k QB board with adjustable power knob. I feel like i needed more blue spectrum during the veg cycle so i added two 39 watt 6400 T5 ho lights to it, and in flower i can switch them out for 3000k bulbs. Question i need help from you is, is this set up over kill? Should i leave the T5 lights or remove them? With them it adds another 78 watts to bring the total wattage for a 2x4 area to 398 watts for 49.75 watts per sq ft.

    20190903_104310.jpg 20190903_104245.jpg
  2. The quantum boards by themselves should be plenty. Do you have the R-spec boards? If so I would try them alone and only add the t5s if you're not happy. I use 324 boards @ 320 watts, 3500k in a 3 x 3. When I flip to flower I add 40 watts in red Samsung booster strips. Bud density is not an issue
  3. Nvmd I see the red now. You should be golden with the quantum boards. No use in spending more for power if don't need to
  4. It has a separate switch to turn on the ir and uv leds which there are 12 of each.
    Just thought adding more blue to it during veg would help it while keeping the uv and ir leds turned off
    20190903_114954.jpg 20190903_114904.jpg 20190903_114849.jpg
  5. I'm not sure how much it will help without them being right on top of plant. A little I'm sure. The QBs alone haven't left me wishing for more during veg. Just try it and see. You have to do a grow both ways to find out if there is a justifiable increase. Either way I know you're gonna be very happy with the QBs
  6. And that addition of uv and ir is really cool. That should really help with resin and density too

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