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  1. Started a couple blue cheese autos.. Outdoors to start with, hasn't been the best of summers, so currently just using a 60w led buld atm whenever there's no decent sun or weather out.. Took over a week before I seen any greenery come from the soil.. Seems to progressing very slowly. And at the moment I'm not sure where I'm at..

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  2. keep moist. Things are slow for the first two weeks.

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  3. You may have to pull the shell off of it and under will be a clear membrane you have to get that off too, autos seem to go alow at first and then tend to pack it in quickly ahould be alright once that shell comes off give it a day on its own then help it your self.

  4. Thanks for your reply.. And yeah I kind of figured I'd have to perform some minor surgery.. Shell came off after a few drops of water and gentle pressure.. *update *how's it looking now?? I think I've nurtured it into becoming a very slow growing auto.. I know I'm not going to get much yield.. I'm only doing this as I'm sick of forking so much money for a crappy couple grams

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