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  1. Looks pretty good for a first attempt, but now I am at a loss??? My understanding is that to get BUDZZZZZZZ to show their little faces, is that the light has to be decreased to 12 hours or less? OK, now it has been a week to 10 days, and I am seeing these thingies??? (see pics) How can I tell if we have males or females? Help would be appreciated

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  2. if they get a bunch of hairs its female and if it gets a bunch of balls its male. to flower (get BUDZZZZZZ) yeah have the lights on 12hrs on 12hrs off.
  3. Well, what are the balls on their now, can you tell me?
  4. thats def a male.. looks like little white hairs at the tip, but I can't really tell.. which would make it a hermie, which is useless as well (not to mention dangerous since they can impreg all of your females). You see the little balls on that plant, that means its def a male. A female doesn't have any of those, instead they have little white hairs/pistils.
  5. yeah i couldn't really tell ether so i didn't say anything, that one does look like a hermie, how does your other plants look?
  6. Weeeeeelllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll, I have a total of 8 plants, and this, and another one are showing these "BALLS" so far. I have 2 outside, and the other 6 indoors. I have the 6 plants under a total of 6/7o watt Agrolux flourecent tubes, in just regular soil. I have been using a higher nitrogen fertilizer about ever 2 weeks, and I have a higher phosph for budding (IF in fact it happens???) Hell, who knows, I will try and take some more pics, and throw em up here, but I have no idea what to look for??
  7. I had one of the plants "Fold Over" at one of the branch intersections, and slump. Looks shot, so I just hacked it off with a razor blade, and kept the other 1/2 of the plant still going. Don't even smoke the stuff anymore, kinda just doing it for fun! Would love to give buddie a pound for his 30th b-day, so maybe I will get 3-4 out of the 8 to be female? What ya think? Will post more pics tomorrow for help.. Thanks in advance again
  8. Sorry to see you got the "balls"

    What ever you do YANK the males ASAP!!!!!!!!!!
    You don't even want to take a chance. More light for the rest any way.

    Humm very thoughtful 30th B-Day gift.

    Good job for your first grow :)

    Peace to Ya's
  9. 1 pound? Not with flouros
  10. I DON'T want to yank any females, so how can I be SURE that these are males?
  11. the one in the picture is a male.. all you have to do is identify the little male balls which are apparent on the one in the picture. Females have absolutely no male balls

  12. HeY fEllOW CuLtImAvAtOrZ..dude are u serious? damn i wouldnt be able to pull that off its like a sobering crack head working at a crack house just like NEWJACK CITY lol thats a great analogy lol well sorry bout yer plants but try n get a more closer pic just to be on tha safe side u kno zoom in u wouldnt wanna cut the gurrls!!! SHRIEK! thats like suicide man !....

    GROW ON-peace out

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