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need Dispensary info for So Cal

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by tizlinda, Feb 13, 2009.

  1. I just got my card today (yay me), however I still don't know where to go in So Cal other than the general location of "Hollywood." I would like to find an updated website of addresses my GPS can follow or, even better, links to websites where I could check out merchandise so I can choose the right place to visit. I will be making a day of it, so I'd like to research thngs to do around different places.

    It would be even greater if there were some reviews on different clubs.
  2. There are numerous dispensaries in and around Hollywood. I've been to most. I can tell you that the quality varies GREATLY, and going to a bunch of clubs in a single day can be very, very tiring. ESPECIALLY since parking sucks at most places.

    So I'll just give you info on my favorite; California Patient's Alliance on Melrose. They don't have the biggest selection, but the customer service is second to none, and the prices are extremely fair. The medication is also all top shelf regardless of the price. New patients get a discount, and tell them WildWill sent ya.
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    thanks for the quick responses.

    The first link is a great link (or so I thought), I found this page a few days ago and its where I first started calling disconnected numbers. seems to be a fleeting business. I'll try to find an address to Wild will's favorite, very good reference and talk up Will. Would love to see some more in various locations. keep em coming if you can

    Edit: finding the address of California Patient's Alliance isn't as easy as I thought it would be, can you provide one for me Will?
  4. California Patients Alliance, 8271 Melrose #102, Los Angeles (323) 655-1735

    They know me...I'm there 3 times a week or so.
  5. Thanks Will, and I will mention you when I make it in there.
  6. Hey WildWill, do you know any vapor lounges at all? I know their is one in Gardena called highway420 it's a pretty nice clinic with really cheap prices. And I know their is one in venice somewhere?
  7. CPA has a Volcano, as does PureLIFE Alternative on La Cienega (I haven't been there is a little while, but they have a killer lounge). Other than that I just don't know, I don't seek out Vapor Lounges 'cause I have a Volcano of my own.

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