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  1. Hey all, first post been lurking here readin and studyin. Got some bag seeds germing now as I am finishing up my cabby. The cabby is the same as this one Only thing I not sure on the way to do is mounting the lights. I was planning on the plants being on the bottom with adjustable height lights.

    How are some of the ways that you all mounted your CFL's? I read some stories here about the lights falling on the plants and I dont want that to happen. Can I just suspend the lights from an extension cord? I plan on starting with 4 plants, hoping to get 2 females at least, unless someones says I need more starting with 4 23W 6500K CFLs. Sorry no pix yet. TIA
  2. U could get clamp lights.
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    (1) power strip
    (3) Socket to outlet adapters
    (3) Y socket adapters
    (6) CFL ligths

    Put the lights into the Y sockets and put the Y socket into the socket>outlet adapter and repeat for the rest. When you plug it into the power strip it will be like a light bar. If youre really nervous about them falling out, you could tie them loosely to the powerstrip.

    Youre going to want like 6 bulbs total for 4 plants. Keep in mind you can always take 1 or 2 out depending on how many you end up keeping.
  4. do not put them into a power strip they will fall. Its happened to me a few times. Use Y spliters with socket to outlet adapters make a small holder from PVC pipe. Just get 1 1/2" PVC and drill 1" holes into it whereever you want to mount the socket to outlet adapter. Then you solder all of them together in parallel insert the adapters in the PVC pipe where the holes are and boom! light strip that ensures none of the adapters fall.

  5. zipties across the Y adapter to the power strip will prevent anything from falling.
  6. i got incondesant fixtures for walmart for like 5 bucks im gonna go to home depot i think and get some y adapters shove some more of them bitches in there
  7. Yeah, my setup is a power strip for seven bucks, three socket-fixture adapters for like six bucks, and then the CFLs. I'm using 42 watters I think, and only growing one plant, so I only need three. I just put something under the pot so instead of lowering/raising the lights, I just lower/raise the pot.
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  9. heres a vid i found on youtube [ame=]YouTube - How To Build a CFL Grow Light Fixture - CHEAP![/ame]

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