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  1. Alright I'll make it short and sweet. I have 2 12" kicker comp 4 ohms each I believe. I bought a massive amp to go with them its a Hiponics class D 1500w monoblock. I'm having troubles with it cutting out. I've noticed when I was trying to tune that it'll cut out but the amp didn't have the protection light on. & when I notice at night. The lights would cut in and out with the bass, also the lights on the inside.

    Any ideas?
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    How are the subs wired parallel (positive to positive) or series (positive to negative)? Is your amp a hifonics or hiponics? If the latter you have a knock of cheap amp which is ass forwards, becuase if you have kicker comps you need to send them clean noise, a knock off amp causes allot of distortion!. Anyway the hifonics do class 1500w is stable at 1 ohm, 1000 watts at 2 ohm, and 500 watts at 4 ohm. To figure out your problem you need to know the rms (root mean square) or average Watts of your speakers. Looking up the latest Kicker Comps online yields the have 150w rms, so two 4 ohm speakers in series yields 8 ohms at 300w rms 600 max. Your amp can possibly (the Web site doesn't even list 8 ohm) provide 250w at 8 ohms. So that means you are over your possible power. You can comfortably power one of those subs. To power both you will need to wire in parallel positive of one speaker to the positive output of the amp and vise versa. This creates a 2 ohm load, think of it as making two channels for less resistance. A 2ohm load is stable to 1000w with the hiponics D class amp, which is over your 600w max, and shouldn't short out.
  3. What size power wire are you running?  Also, do you know the amperage of your alternator?
  4. Where is you hi-lo- pass filters set up, turn your gain down, check for loose wires. Give us more info. 

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