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    Ok so basically I have 2 females (not sure how long in flowering, 6-7 weeks mabey) and 1 Hermie (3 weeks) and the Hermie just blew a load today. The buds on the older females are still small and forming....they have had quite a few issues though there lifetime. They have a bit of Trichs and about 50/50 white/oj hairs--No scope for trichs-- My question is should i harvest??

    Its bagseed btw. If you need more info just ask--Plz reply fast internet might go out tonight--

    Edit-Cant post pics because my computer broke and im on someone elses :( But there deffinatly not ready so should i let them get seedy or harvest early?

    How long do seeds take to form? Could I wait like a week and then harvest with out it all being completely seedy?
  2. So you had a known hermie in the same room as your females? Its going to get seedy in a few days. The only thing is if you harvest early those seeds won't be mature seeds. Its just me but I wouldn't harvest to early just cause of some seeds. If your like a week from harvest then you mind as well and keep the number of seeds in your bud down.
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    Yep, was hoping they would be ready to harvest befor it got to old but the hermie is growin much faster then the ffemales and is 100x bushier and is the same hight as them so i figured it was worth keeping. I wanted to find a outdoors spot it could go but theres no reasonable spots. Soo i just picked off the pollon sacks i seen but missed a couple that were covered in the main cola :(.

    So yeah i guess ill let them go another week and hope they dont get tooo seedy :smoking:

    -EDIT Also since the hermie has allready been pollinated, should i bother picking off any more nutsacks that grow?

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