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  1. Just got laid off and need to make some money. Well I'm thinking about growing but i can't grow indoors and my only worry is i live in Arizona and I'm wondering if any plant could withstand the environment? would love some strain recommendations if:smoking: possible thanks a lot. Please get back to me
  2. Growing cannabis with the intent to sell is a felony in the U.S.. If you read the forum rules this thread is a no no. The folks on the city grow medical MJ. If you are a patient and want to learn how to do it read the stickies. If you want to get in it for profit - my advise is that jail sucks.

  3. ^ he didn't specifically say he was going to grow to sell. Lots of people grow for personal use which saves a lot of money in the long run.

    I'm sure you can grow outdoors in Arizona; I don't know anything about Arizona, I aint from America, but marijuana is a fuckin tough plant, man.
  4. lol op, you live in a perfect spot to grow

    as long as you can supply water and you are willing to work (yes its frigging hard work), you are gold

  5. Him saying, "I got laid off and need to make some money, can i grow weed in arizon" seems like he is specifically trying to grow to sell. IMO anywyays. If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, its a duck man.
  6. I am a duck and if hes planning on selling mad amounts of herbs he sounds smart enough to pull it off.
  7. Im broke and need to make some money thinking about growing sounds like dealing to me...Dude why sell something that grows in the wild for free.Dont deal you likely to ruin one of greatest things in life by doing that and your freedom

  8. Seriously man. And also, if you get any drug charge on your record, you lose any chance of getting financial aid from the government for school. Get a license, grow medical for yourself, and be happy. :)

  9. that duck comment sounds alot like something you would expect to hear from the facist dea, instead of a grower

    i hate to break it to you, but just because something looks, walks, and sounds like a duck - doesnt mean its a friggin duck
  10. Exactly.
  11. Are you guys serious arguing an old as saying to someone trying to let the guy know its against to rules to talk about selling/dealing? Grow the fuck up, and go hijack someone else's thread. Yeah Im DEA dude. Wanna come get high with me? There is another old saying that you guys should learn. Its better to sit quietly and let people think your a dumbass, then to open your mouth and prove it. Anyways, back to the original post, you cant discuss anything along the lines of selling, dealing, or monetary gain in respect to cannabis. Sorry, I didnt make the rule, just trying to help keep this guy from getting banned from this (with the exception of Odin) amazing community of intelligent marijuana users.
  12. Growing with intent to sell is just asking for trouble in my own opinion...A manufacturing with the intent to sell is a much worse crime than trafficking that goes fo any drug, Think about if you were a person who didnt smoke weed and you sat on a jury. If its a small amount of herb being grown and the person seems like decent person Im not going to throw the book at them ,however If your growing a field of Pot, you have scales and money laying around, always going to go meet up with somebody to do some deal. Guess what you will get busted maybe not now, but sooner or later...You cant control getting a flat or a broken down car and a helpful police officer stopping to help you out, you cant control your buddys mouth or his buddys mouth, You cant control someone narcing you out thinking it will help them get out of their DUI or some other BS, You might keep a tight ship but unless your selling to your Mom who can you really trust with your life.
  13. Man some of you are so wound up tight, deep breathes people. You're arguing over semantics and assumptions... time to smoke a bowl :rolleyes:


    Getting back to the OP, it really depends on what part of Arizona you're talking about. I mean there are cities like Phoenix where the temps can hover around 120 for weeks at a time in the summer... then there are the northern mountainous regions where you can get snow in early fall. Both are extreme climates which would need to be addressed and dealt with appropriately in order to have a successful grow, but I'd imagine if dealt with properly the answer would be yes, it's possible.

    If you're in a hotter part of Arizona here are some strains you might consider:

    Willie Nelson

    A seedbank with many strains derived from and built for high heat environments is Mandala Seeds. They carry land race varieties along with designer strains such as:

    White Satin
    Speed Queen

    But really I think most Afghan/Hash indica varieties might work well for you also. Good luck, and happy growing

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    WOW!! I had no idea that my little comment would generate so much hmmm.....

    I was just trying to politely inform the guy of the rules and give him a little friendly advise..
    Jail sucks - and it does.

    I just moved here to cali from the nazi goose stepping police state mid west and its like a whole other world. Got my recommendation and all is right with the world. If johnny law comes to the door and goes in the spare bedroom the paperwork is hanging on the wall - they turn around and leave wishing me a good evening.

    I use to grow back where it will get you 5-10 and it gave me an ulcer. I was just saying it is bad news if you get pinched and be careful. One more thing quack - quack lol :D

    Once again - peace to all. :smoke:

    Current legal medical grow

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  15. If I can ignore all the illegal growers who are intent on casting the first stone.

    Arizona is, I believe, a hot and dry place - a bit like here in the summer, but probably more so. You will be able to grow there, but will have to make good provision for watering. And stick to the watering regime you decide on - or your plants will die in short order.
    You will, however, be able to get a fabulous yield. I grow a LOT more than I can use - and, of course, donate my surplus to good causes.
  16. Cantharis answered your growing question, and i'll say grow as much as you are fit to harvest, Sell, Sell, Sell, you would be doing yourself and your comunity a favour. But shhh, you cant chat about selling here :rolleyes:
  17. I spent two summers in Phoenix and let me fill everybody in on the climate where I was. It was 117f degrees every day, all summer. When it rained, and I use that word lightly, it sprinkled for 15 minutes, then stopped. It was just enough to get my car spotty from all the dust. It's extremely dry, bordering no humidity at all, and incredibly hot. Basically, it's in the middle of the desert, dry, hard, cracked earth with no moisture, and cacti everywhere. Now I know there are some mountainous areas that are cooler, but unless you live in those places, I hope you have some form of irrigation system, or your plants will just wither and fry. I couldn't keep my lawn green and I sprayed it twice a day. I hope you are farther north or something, because in Phoenix, you can forget it.
  18. Well put cantharis. Finally a good end to this post.... lol +rep

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