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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by cvwlbk00, Mar 20, 2003.

  1. i have 2 plants growing under a 15 watt florescent with a 150 watt full spectrum incandecant above that with aluminum foil on the walls (dull side up), will i still get a decent yeild? temp is at 82 and humidity is at 45-50%. soil ph is 5.5-6.5. thanks for any help.
  2. I myself am not a big fan of the tin foil I find a high gloss bright white really kicks out the lumens and that however is the ultimate goal. everthing else sounds good the temp might be a little high I find around 74 F opt for my Girls. You dont want to dry them out. You must also deal with the lack of light!

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  3. you dont have enough light.

    get more light. have a little read around the 4m and u'l see that ppl r sayin "get 400w HPS" etc. u didnt say how big ur grow space is so i cant say how much light u need but im dam sure u need more than that.

    at least get 2 20w fluros 2 replace the bulbs u got. that'l keep them alive 4 now.

    then tell us how big ur space is and how big u want the plants and then we'l tell u to go get a 400w HPS
  4. Barnaby is right. If you have ever bought grass from some guy, you'll know what it costs. The price of a 400 w lamp is comparative to a couple of ounces of mid-grade weed, but with it you can grow top quality smoke for yourself and all your good friends and have plenty left over to give away or sell to repay your investment.Scraping together the cash for a light - make it your priority !.
    Just my opinion-good luck.

    P.S. It is just as illegal to do it poorly as to do it well.
  5. OK easy now boys I was wrong about the lighting geeez,

    But I know with the vast amount of wisdom someone else could cover it.

  6. u was spot on with the rest tho. i just thought u had misred it a bit thats y i had my little say.

    love the pic btw.
  7. you need at least 150 watts of fluoros to have a decent yield. the incandescent doesn't provide the right wavelengths of light to sustain the plant thru the duration of the grow.

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