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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by NiCKh609, Jun 30, 2008.

  1. well i started my plants about 2-3 weeks back (i know it was a little late). i started them in little cups with holes i cut into the bottom. after about a week they started to come up. well now im seeing that they are about 3-4 in. tall, but that is mostly the stem height, nd i have few leaves (about 10 each plant). i was wondering if there is anything wrong with them or if this is normal or what? they get plenty of sunlight. i think im givving them the right amount of water. so i was just wondering if this is normal and if it is how much longer i have to wait.

    And also, about watering. im in North Carolina right now. and it gets Really hot and dry. Ive been giving them a little water every day (ive been dispursing about 3/4 of a regular sized water bottle) between 3 differant plants. is that to much, or to little? am i watering them to often, not enough?

    And also i read somewhere that when the plant is young if u pinch the ends of the leaves, when they will grow they will grow all deformed but will have a bunch of crystalized THC on it. Is that true? because im looking to make the bud as strong as possible, i mean i used seeds from some GREAT "kill" me and my friends had, buttt theres always room for improvement.

    And yes, this is my first time growing, so i dont really know to much yet :(.

    Thanks for the help =)
  2. Never done outdoor and don't know the first thing about it but .. as for pinching your leaves? Here is what I understand .. this is derrived from a post about using UV-B light to "burn" your leaves and force resin production towards the end of flowering.

    But thats the idea .. when the leaves on MJ get hurt they produce resin much like a tree makes sap I would imagine. Not 100% sure on any of this but it makes some sort of sense to me at least.
  3. alright. thanks for that. now all i need to really know is about the watering nd the slightly yellow bottom leaves. I found out about if they look right (they do) but the ground i have them in it dries out fast, nd about an inch down its slightly damp, so idk if i should water while its a little damp or no. and i covered around the plant with straw to help keep moisture in.

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