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  1. ok i have 10 early girl seeds and 10 blueberry bud seeds i havent grown them yet because im not really sure how ok i have to get the seeds to sprout first right by doing that soaking in a cup the put on a plate with moist paper towel then more paper towel on top then another plate and letting it sit then i get a really some really big pots and put soil with fertilizer in it and put 3 seeds in each plant??? then put them out where i want them in the sun and water them dailey???
    or wut?? lol im kinda dumb but o well

  2. Hey stonerbiatch420,

    There is different methods of germinating, one method is to simply place the seeds in a wet cloth (so it's wet to feel but not dripping) then place it in a a sealed sandwich bag and blow it up so its filled with air. Check on it once every 12 hours and blow it up again so theres fresh air each time. Usually gets a good germination rate within 48 hours. (Don't forget to place it in a warm area)
    As soon as you start to see the white tip of the root place the seed in about half an inch to inch deep in the soil. Ideally each seed should have its own pot. You can obviously put them in small pots and transplant later but ideally each plant should have 3-5 gallons of space.
    As for the rest - are you growing indoors or outdoors?

    Bit of basic info, but I'd recommend doing as much research as you can first - you'll find the FAQ at useful.

    Hope this helps - best of luck!
  3. :rolleyes: I'm guessing it's an outdoor grow what with this being an outdoor forum, sorry about that! In that case you'll need to look into preparing the soil for an outdoor area.

  4. hry!!! im growing outdoors

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