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    Hey , i am having hard times , i Dont know much about How to tell what strain is what Or how is the quality of weed , but i have some supposly OG Kush , smells very sweet Not like other weed i used to have And it is Chunky . I Would love to know How OG Kush should Smell And How to tell if my weed is good/bad Because Its Not Brown Or anything have crystals bunt it is yellowish inside sometimes
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  3. There is no way for us to tell you what you have in your hand. All weed smells different. You could have OG Kush from one grower and it might smell completely different if someone else grew it. If it doesn't have tiny bugs in it or looks moldy, it's fine. Most weed is green now a days unless it has some purple mixed in.
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  4. Unless you are dealing with an IBL or clone, you are not going to get any true standard, short of people using the same clones, which... that's not realistic. Especially if you live in an illegal state, unless one person controls everything.

    Here is how you tell if your weed is good... use it.

    That's about it though. I mean, of course you could do a lab test... but... I'm guessing you really can't.

    Good luck brotha.

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