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  1. Hey guys. whatsup. lv been talking to this chick and i got her number. anyways she wants to hangout and stuff. I was thinking about taking her to the beach tonight and just chilling by the water or something. What do u guys thiink for the first date? also any advise would be nice :). thanks!
  2. Sounds like a good first date.

    You have no time limits, so if things are going good, there's no designated end time to the date, but if things are going bad, there's nothing holding you there. You can just end it, whereas it'd be super sketch if you ended an awkward date during the middle of a movie.
  3. Yeah i like what your saying. Anyways should l just text her saying hey wana go to the beach later tongiht or something? Also lv never really talked to her in person so l dont want things to be aqward. she went to the same high school as me. One year younger then me. Very cute.
  4. l could also take her on llke a fishing boat ln my local communlty because theres a little lake and stuff. but l think l'll take her to the beach tonlght. she loves the beach she was tellng me.
  5. You're a genius sir. You don't need an advise at all :smoke:

    Movie first dates are terrible ideas. I usually go with a stand up comedy act, gets her smiling/laughing and it makes for the rest of the date to be able to joke around w/ each other, etc. It just lightens the mood a lot, and you aren't worried too much about what you're saying, etc.
  6. If she told you she loves the beach, you're golden.

    The only issue I can see is that if you two have never talked in person, be wary of lulls in the conversation and awkward silences. A awkwardly quiet conversation with no escape is a date killer.
  7. Yeah we havent talked ln person yet :(( she added a me llke a month ago and l just started talkng to her and stuff on fb and text and she says she wants to hangout.

    What else could l do that would be good? maybe take her ln the spa at my communlty thlng there wlll be no one there probably and lts real nlce lt has a pool and a spa there.
    What are some good ldeas?? should l take her on a flshlng boat at my communty thlng, take her for yogurtt and somethlng?? uhh l need ldeals please. haha lm hlgh

  8. Do things that you enjoy; if you're both having fun, conversation will flow, and you will both have a great time.

    Fishing, hiking, kayaking, swimming, etc are all things that can keep you active so you two won't get bored.
    Dinner and/or dessert are always simple and good for conversation.

    Just don't be overly cliche or cheesy, and you'll be fine.
  9. Since you have access to her facebook check out what her interests are. Base it off of that.

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