Need advise on this auto wappa it hermied on me..[emoji35]

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    Need to get some opinions on this auto wappa week 3 of flower found 2 nannas cut the top the bud they were on...havent seen anymore say it was stress or light leak from street light...its full of pistils but I've noticed only some of the caylxs on the nodes have pistils all the bottom buds look fine a lot of pistils got damaged from handling them and spray water on them aswell..there my be sum seeds Thank God No more nannas with a bit of luck I won't see no guys think I should let her finish off??I kinda have no choice cuz I ain't got shit else....its the only plant I have but I just germed..a northern lights x big bud auto expert seeds and A Lemon haze auto expert seed yesterday also...nlxbba...sprouted today matter what I'm finishing the wappa off cuz it all I have an it was in veg for at least way it's a proper auto..anyway il leave my pics up any advice be well appreciated many thanks...any1 with any experience.???I need to get the microscope out on her 20190722_190918.jpg 20190722_191709.jpg 20190722_191047.jpg 20190722_191012.jpg 20190722_190535.jpg 20190722_190337.jpg 20190718_210150.jpg 20190722_190902.jpg 20190722_190505.jpg 20190722_191320.jpg 20190722_191634.jpg 20190722_190918.jpg
  2. No1 has an opinion no advise?..Mmmm K....only wondering about it some of the braks seem a little paranoid most of its been pollinated I know the bottom buds are still fine..a little bit of expertise would be greatly appreciated..Budz.

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  3. You said they are Autos? So street light leak shouldn't affect them at all. I also grow Auto's and they handle stress PREEEEETY I WOULD THINK that you had to have stressed her quite a bit for her to hermie....but doesn't have to be the case.

    I'd let her finish off for sure.....ESPECIALLY if "all of your eggs" are in her proverbial basket.
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  4. Yeah it's labelled Auto Wappa from paradise seeds...but I've read an heard ppl saying that there not was in veg for like 3months with a slow start which is Crazy for an the strain tho cuz it doesn't smell at all unless ur right next to it...could just be this particular Plant...i have another seed of it left so hopefully it will veg quicker next time..yea def gonna let her finish up...growing here in Europe is hard enough but then some say it's perfect not to hot n not to cold...down too pefrence and technic I Suppose.. haven't had much luck with autos to be honest..any lst or topping and they give out..never touching them again..just let nature take its course F That Shit..!!!!Thanks For input Bro...Much Appreciated..
  5. You found that Hermie late. That’s pretty well Into flower.

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