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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by oh-la-la, Apr 25, 2006.

  1. Hey guys,
    I went to Homedepot today for checking on stuffs to make a grow box. Ive asked about 5 guys that worked overthere about where can i find a 3m carbon filter but none of them couldnt help me out. Every guys said homedepot doesnt carry this kind of filter, i thing it's wierd but yeah dude they dont really have it, i walked around for about 1 hour. Now i have no idea where can i get this filter and also i looked around my house and saw a black replacement filter for my air purifier but i dont know will it works, can you guys suggest me?
  2. you have two choices either make your own carbon filter or get it from here if you have the money get the vortex fan too best deal on the net so far
  3. Thanks for your advise. will my filter in the pictures work?
  4. Cant really tell if a filter will work until you try it... gotta remember, those filters you have arent really made for getting rid of weed smells, some of them just happen to work. I would say to try and see, then if it doesnt work then add some more of those filters till the smell is gone
  5. i sort of seen what u got there,as long as its active carbon filtr it will work,,,, i find them in lowes at the a/c supply area,,,,, basically any stinky air that is blown thru that thin filter there will be cleansed,,,,,the basic design on a store bought filter,,uses the same filtering tech. that youre holding in your hand there,,,,you can design your exaust to blow thru that filter,,,and save a lot of money,,,and get the same results,,,,,,,,but it must be a activated carbon filter,,,,,,,good luck..:smoking:

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