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    Hey guys, I'm brand new to the forum and kinda new to smoking. I've been thinking about picking up a vape lately but I think I thought about it too much. I'm not new to forums in general so before you say it, yes I've searched this and other forums over the past week or so. Anyway, my problem is that I want a vape for the following reasons: efficiency, odourless, being able to smoke indoors (because it's odourless). But I don't like the price. I almost pulled the trigger on a Vaporite Solo on for $50 but since I live in Canada, the seller couldn't ship it across the border. I took it as a sign and began to look at better ones that I can go to my local head shop and pick up. I've been looking at the Arizer V Tower (not Extreme Q). But I don't know if it's really worth it for me. Everywhere I read about efficiency, people measure in hits or bowls. (I smoke out of a glass pipe.) But everybody's bowl is different and people pack differently, so it's not a very good way to compare IMO. I did some rough math and discovered 2g gives me about 7 highs which is about 0.3g to get high in one sitting. But a lot of people that I read say with a vape they get high in 0.2-0.3g but they don't say how much they use with a pipe, j, bong or whatever. I realize everyone's tolerance is different but I've never really heard of anyone using much less than that with a vape. Anyway, I figure even if it takes me the same amount as with a pipe, (which I'm sure in untrue but let's just say) then what is left over can be used for baking or burning even. So I'm at least doubling my efficiency. Sounds great right? Not for me though :( I did some more rough math and figured out that it would take me 40 weeks to make my money back from a $200 vape. That's almost a year... who knows if I'll even still be smoking a year from now.

    My Math:

    2g = $20
    Double efficiency = I save $10 each purchase of 2g.

    I would need to spend $400 on bud for my vape to pay me my $200 back.

    If I save $10 a week, that's 40 weeks.

    Now, there wouldn't be a problem but I don't have a lot of money and I'm a little cheap (can you tell?). So is it really worth it for me to get one now or should I wait till I have the ability to blaze more? I'm thinking in the meantime, I may just pick up a Vapor Genie. But I need know, is the vapor genie odourless? I'd also like to eventually grow my own herb (just for myself) if my dad lets me, so I'd like to know how much that would be. I've done research to the point where I know what I need but haven't looked up prices. I have a couple really big cardboard speaker boxes about 5ft tall maybe a little over a foot wide and about 2ft long. I was thinking I'd put a light in there and cover the inside with foil (trailer park boys idea). What else would I need to do/buy?

    Sorry for novel, here are my questions summarized.

    My dad lets me smoke but only on weekends and I have to be outside. So I'd like to have something that allows me to smoke inside. Winter is cold, and honestly, it's kinda awkward when my dad is inside watching TV and I'm outside blazing with friends and we can see each other... I don't know why, maybe I'd get used to it but I'd still like to be able to lay on the couch and just toke, ya know?

    Is a legit vape better suited for someone who smokes more? (Is it worth it for me)?
    How much in grams do you use to get high with a vape vs smoke?
    Is the Vapor Genie odourless?
    Can my speaker box idea work?
    How much can I expect to pay to grow just 1 or 2 plants for my self (not intending to sell).

    Again, sorry for the massive post :p
  2. At 10g a week and 10$ a g that would be 100$ a week and take 4 weeks, not 40.

    Unless you meant 10$ a week. In that case a nice and almost odorless vape is the Magic Flight Launch Box. It is also 100% portable
  3. No sorry, I meant $10 a week not 10g lol. So it would be 1g a week. Does that make sense?
  4. Hey mate far as I know people that vape .2 to .3 grams to get verry vaked as we vaporists call it is for those ho have a very big tolerance and I use probs .05 grams to get super ultra mind boggling vaked off my arse with my extreme q , I started with an MFLB and never been a smoker but yeah the launch box will get you riding that magic vape to above and beyond for 100 dollars and even less of eBay or amazon.

    As for cooking with AVB ( already vaped bud) it's amazing you will get blown away by it.

    If you want a perfect vaporizer to start of with go for the extreme q an if you wand an awesome one to start off with go for the magic flight launch box.

    You can't go wrong with a vape mate!
  5. I figured you meant 10$ a week. anyway, the mflb is only 100$ and usually comes with a lifetime warranty. There have been many stories I have seen where people use it to vape in their workplace unnoticed, so it may be good for your situation.
  6. Thanks for the quick replies! I've heard good things about the Magic Flight Launch Box but never really looked into, dunno why. Desicions, desicions....
  7. Get the Launch box it's grate starter vape and you can vape I'n public I've vapes I'n the car with parents ( stupid I know lol but it worked) and at the cinema with loads of people around completely stealth and you taste the weed but when you breath it out they jar to be directly I'n front of you to even get a hint :) it's a no brainer

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