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  1. hi well i was growing weed n it wasnt that big so u couldnt really tell it was weed yet but i had a growroom n today i came home n saw that my plants were gone n my grow room was torn apart my mom found it. this is the first time i got aught but not the first time that somthing like this has happened 3 months ago i was caught smoking. what should i do im sooooo fucked need advice quickly
  2. lol maybe you shouldn't try to grow weed in your parents' house without their approval

    you really didn't see this coming?
  3. nope so what should i do plz i dont need your comments on how stubid i am can u just give me some adfvice on whtsa to do or say
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    here's a simple step-by-step plan

    1. grow up until fully grown
    2. acquire an income of some kind (student loans, a job, whatever works)
    3. acquire your own residence
    4. proceed to do whatever the fuck you want

    if you're as ignorant as is indicated by the fact that you put your parents' home at risk of seizure (and them at risk for prison), i suggest not growing weed anywhere in this plan because you would probably get yourself caught or one of your friends would steal your shit.

    as for plan for dealing with your parents the next post down is pretty much on target.
  5. Advice? Be an adult and take your punishment.

    You're living in her house. You need to follow her rules. Had the police somehow discovered the grow it wouldn't be you going to jail, it would be your mom.

    Grow up and wait until you have your own place to grow. You don't put another person's livelihood at risk for your own selfish gain, especially not your mother's.
  6. your right im a fucking idoit its proberly better off that she found them first ill just deal with w.e i desievre thank you
  7. haha ..flashback of mom breaking my bong in front of me!! ahh ... oh parents...most of them hate pot lol

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