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  1. Heres my current situation

    - i live at my grandmas house
    - i don't have a job
    - or a car/license
    - I dropped out of school my freshmen year(possibly and probably the biggest mistake i have ever made)

    (yeah i know, I'm one lazy bastard)

    I'm incredibly sick of the situation I have put myself in, i feel like i have put myself in a hole and can't get out.

    its always, I'll do it eventually or someday. well i have come to the conclusion that if i follow this path it will only lead to further self destruction and i want a change.

    my family's poor, so i'v never really had anything like most other people
    most of my cloths i have ever recived have been hand me downs or thrift store garbage.

    around the age of 13 i started a game called runescape, i think i used it as a tool for escapism
    because i played it for 4-5 years disregarding everything and anything besides it. i moved on to other games and that kept my attention for awhile. slowly but surly the fire and fun i had playing these games dwindled away and then i met that sweet girl Mary Jane

    this was a couple years back when i first turned 18, at first i treated it right. didn't abuse the herb. only doing it on the weekends. slowly but surly over the next few months......and then years it became another tool for escapism.
    talk about burning a hole in your pocket, the only good job i had was with my dad and it was a summer job.(he lives in a hole other state) i raked in about 2.3k doing this. what im getting at though is once i started smoking all that money dryed up quicker then a drop of water in the desert.

    another huge mistake, not saving that money... just another thing im not proud of.

    heres where i need the advice

    i can ether
    A- stay here and work a min wage job, hang with all my friends and family, keep smoking & never going anywhere.


    B- give it all up, friends, family to go live with my Dad, i would have a job that i could work my way to atleast 17$ a hour, maybe more then that.

    now then, let me hear your thoughts, questions, (ADVICE :p) flaming, whatever I'm ready
  2. I think you know you gotta go live with your Dad, and if it doesn't work out atleast you tried
  3. I would say go with option B. Will it be difficult? Absolutely. But if you're not happy with your situation and you know that staying in it with ultimately make you unhappy, you gotta make a change. Now that you know that you have to save your money, do it. Don't spend all your money on weed. It'll be tough, but it's something you need to do. You can still keep in touch with your friends (facebook, skype, etc) and then make new friends wherever you end up. If you're stuck in a rut, the only thing to do is a make a change. And unlike most people, you have the ability to make that change and you have a great situation to go to with your dad. Take the opportunity man, you don't want to be stuck living with the thought of "what if".
  4. Option C-go back to school, get your GED, get some college, open up the door to more than two choices. If you don't have an education, you have nothing to fall back on if your dad's business folds.
  5. I was in that boat.

    What I did: lived with my mom and worked a crap job til I had enough $$ to buy a somewhat reliable car. Once I had that, I saved up $$ for a deposit on a place - then I was renting a room...

    Eventually I just saved money, got a better job, etc.. hopped from place to place and now I'm 27, living on my own and perfectly fine.

    You can do it! Choose to road that goes somewhere :)

  6. you should read the warrior of the light it's honestly the best book I've ever read and full of great ideas

    and yes go live with your dad and make something of yourself because a warrior of the light is always trying to better himself :]
    you should always progress and move forward and to improve upon your life.

    and really what are you giving up? the ability to waste time. And your game will probably go up big time once the ladies find out you make $17 an hour and actually have a life.Not that money matters but you know what it's like to not have money you should try to explore what it's like to have money
  7. assuming you're over 20ish.. go to a continuation school, get ur GED, hen get to a comunity college and then from there, if u want/can, get into a better school, u'll hate all the work..but you wont regret this decision

    and if u dont wanna do that shit cause ur super over school

    go too a bartending school..they make fuckin bankk and bitches
  8. Even though it will be hard to leave your family and friends behind, I would suggest moving to your dads and getting a job with him. While you are working this job I would also suggest going back to high school or getting your GED. You need at LEAST your high school diploma for most jobs these days, if not a BA. Don't forget to SAVE the money!

    Life is tough sometimes and only you can really know what the best choice is.

    Good luck
  9. Speaking from experience... even though I have my GED - you don't need it unless maybe you're going to take classes at a college...

    Jobs don't check your high school records. Hell, I tell every job I graduated from HS when I actually just got a GED - Nobody ever checks...

    There are plenty of jobs to be had without a degree or diploma... they're not hard to find either.
  10. Option B save enough money to get your GED go back to your gmas house..get a descent job n construction since now you have experience.
  11. u serious? the answer is not hard. go live with your dad and make some good cash. fuck smoking for now. a lot of weed smokers are naive to the negative effects. i smoke myself everyday but i have priorities i put ahead of smoking. and thats how i got to where i am today. just think, you go make some big cash and get in good with the company. $17 is great. you can buy a nice house get top of the line growing equipment and have some of the best smoke all to yourself. take care of yourself before taking care of getting high. you will thank yourself in the long run if you choose this path, trust me. stay away from women too until your set, they will drag you down to misery and love to spend your money.
  12. I would suggest going back to school and doing something with your life. Yes, you could rely on your dad. But how long will that last before your stuck again?

    I recently just finished my g.e.d... Going to college this fall. Just trying to stay out of trouble. Fucked up last week and got in trouble with some theft. Just be smart... Fuck the pressure and do what you think what would be best.
  13. Do you mean dropped outa freshman year of high school or freshman year of college.

    If high school holy crap man...iunno but to me 17$ an hour sounds a hell of better than 10.
  14. go to the Job Corp.
  15. Knowledge is wealth. Education is must for any person. Therefore, go back and join the school and continue with your education. For the job, you can do the job as part time which help for to earn some money and experience of the market.

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