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  1. So myy plant is almost done.. but i'm getting worried because i only flushed once..and it's taking forever to dry out...

    Will it be bad if i only flush once before harvest?
  2. I assume you are in soil...

    I always flushed soil grows by just using distilled water and watered as usual

    For hydro I flushed the system twice in a week before harvesting
  3. I know how to flush but it seems like more people flush more times than just once before harvest

    And yes i'm in soil
  4. ya, most people do flush more than once.

    You should be OK as long as you had cut back on the nitrates when you started flowering.

    The funkiest weed I tried (taste wise) was from a soil grow that used guano...sweet, sour, hints of chocolate and mint.
  5. Some of us flush for 14 days prior to harvest...
  6. Lol. Crazy.

    Thanks for the replies +rep:smoking:
  7. Flush everyday?
  8. How often do you guys flush during the last two weeks?

  9. I'm also interested in this. I just started flowering my first grow yesterday, so I have a couple days. I'm using the foxfarm schedule. If things go smooth and as planned, and the trichs are ready at or after the scheduled 12th week, do I start a 2 week flush then at that point? While in the 2 week flush, is each watering a flush, as in multiple gallons of water each time, or just the same amount of water used during feeding? How about molasses; does anyone use molasses during the 2 week flush?

    Sorry for all the questions guys and thanks!! :eek::hello:
  10. I grow in soil and never have flushed. In my case it would be pointless anyway 'cause I use fertilizer mixed in the soil
  11. Im no pro but I now flush weekly.Its a chore but I noticed my ppm's were so high on some of my plants that growth was stunted. Now that I flush weekly I have no problems. I use foxfarm nutes and soil.

    I have 2 White widow and 10 shwag plants.
    I am in week 7 of flower

    Here is a few short video's
    When I say what week it is, that is what week Im in flower. It just so happens that it is the same week of veg from clone.
    vid1 = week 4
    vid2 = week 6 last week

    O and BTW did I say I was no pro. This is my first grow.:wave:
    [ame=""]YouTube - WhiteWidow Flush.mp4[/ame]
    [ame=""]YouTube - White Widow Flush 2[/ame]

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