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  1. So i am a college student in the state of Florida. About two months ago i received an adult civil citation for underage drinking. This program is set up to have myself complete 25 hours of community service,pay $200, attend 2 AA meetings, and a counseling session. this is not a criminal offense. once completed your record is supposed to be "clean". 
    I have completed all of these sanctions and my finalization date is set for Wednesday.
    The only problem is my dumb ass roommate called the cops on me a few nights back for smoking weed in my room. i was with a few others and my roommate led cops straight to my door. I heard a knock and asked who it was with no reply. just as i was opening i heard "we need to talk". it was two cops and the cop said that it was obvious someone was smoking weed and to give it up. I did so reluctantly. about 5 grams.
    I was given a notice to appear in court set for July 25th. (Misdemeanor possession of cannabis under 20 grams.)
    I have a lawyer but plan on pleading guilty and accepting the charges. Does anyone know what consequences may be handed down to me in court?
    As for the civil citation, one of the restrictions states i cant get arrested before i finish the course. if so it states i will be charged for that offense as well.
    Is it possible for me to complete the civil program seeing how i finished everything it just hasn't been finalized. Thanks ahead of time for your input/advice!

  2. your roomate is a fucking cocksucker and shit on ur life.
  3. I would seriously kick your roommates ass after that.  You really should try to avoid smoking in the dorms as your rights are very limited within them, but any roommate that would snitch like that deserves to get his ass beat before you find a new room to stay in with a green-friendly roommate.  Also, you may end up getting it all expunged in a year or so if the law is anything like in WV.  I've had me a pot ticket before and I only had to pay court costs of $350, stay on unsupervised probation for 6 months, and after another 6 months was able to have the whole thing expunged off my record.  Once again though, this was in WV, but I figure the law shouldn't be to much different.

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