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need advice

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by teamcatdog, Jan 8, 2013.

  1. hi im new to the forum n this is my second grow, blue cheese...

    my 1st grow i just let it run wild tbh...

    this time i have lollipopd them and topped them and i can see a massive differnce in a positive way...

    but a few have turned abit yellow while others look really healthy could i have fucked them up? maybe 4 out of 30 look abit shit.

    the ones that are yellow arnt taking up much food while the others are lovin it, im using autopots are they dying?

    im about to put them into 12/12 and would just like abit of advice from more experienced growers shall i flush before or put into 24hrs ive read a few mixed opinions ?
  2. You'll have to provide more information.

    Define these:
    Nutrient concentration and PH
    From clone or seed?
  3. hi there from clones im nt sure of the ph levels what would be the best thing to buy to check them?

    and ive just been feeding them 800ml of coco coir growth feed in a 100 liter tub

    i just follow what my mates have done upto now tbh
  4. So you are using coco...right? I'll assume and if I'm wrong... damn you! lol

    You NEED to check PH. It's as important as lighting or a medium is to growing unless you're doing organics from what I understand. You need to buy a PH pen. The Blue Lab Truncheon is on the high end of the spectrum, but you can get a PH pen for around 20-30 bucks and it'll last about a grow.

    I might be wrong... but isn't 800 ml per 100 liters quite a bit? That seems like it's a bit high concentration. I may be wrong but from CNS17 4ml/liter gives me around 1.5-1.75 EC with RO water.

    Take pictures, post them.
  5. thanks mate ill get a ph pen tmrw how often should i check the ph?

    this is a photo of one the ones that doesnt look to healthy the rest are all a nice colour theres like 4 like this

    would you suggest doing anything before i put them onto 12/12 or jst change the feed?

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  6. haah yeh using coco

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