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  1. Hey guys,
    Long time lurker, first time poster. I’m going to try to keep it short and sweet. Right now I am looking into investing in a setup for personal consumption. I have a pretty good idea of what I think I need but I would greatly appreciate the advice of more avid growers.... SO. I’m looking into DWC and have my mind set on that, I believe 5 gallon buckets with 10” net pots being ran through a hydro ton soil is my best bet. Air pump, air stones all that jazz... looking to get two 50x50x80 Mylar tents for this operation, either for a perpetual grow or to run a clone. Carbon filter inline fan, ph/ppm/ec meter... I believe i have most of the logistics worked out but the only issue I’m having trouble with is choosing the proper lights... I as gifted a dimgogo 1500w led light that I am none to fond of.. I do not believe this will grow 4 plants lol but maybe that’s why I’m asking you all... so I’ve done some research and I think my best bet would be to buy two of these Bestvas 2000w DC series with veg/ bloom switch- actual watts 390 from the wall and use those for my veg tent... meanwhile I’ve had my eye on this phlizon 3000w cob light with veg/bloom switch+ “stronger” switch to turn the cobs on - 690 actual watts from the wall.. the 50 watt cobs are Cree and have 3 3000k and 3 6000k as well as several red,blue, and green diodes.... I was planning on using this for my flower room for 4 plants.... please let me know if this is a good setup or not, if I need less light or more or even different lights... what kind of growth and yields could be expected from this setup? Thank you for taking the time to read this and help an old timers like me try to catch up with the modern times lol

    P.S. I’m sorry I didn’t have pics or links to the lights I mentioned. This my first post and need to get used to this.
  2. So this all looks well nd good. Except the tent. Is it a 50cmX50cmX80cm or is it in inches cos that seems really small?

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  3. Also if u got money u should look into the HLG 550 V2. It's the stuff boners r made of.

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  4. Your tent won't be big enough for one plant, let alone 4. 19"x19"x31" is tiny.
  5. I’m sorry for the confusion fellas, it’s 50”x50”by80” inches... so that should be good correct?
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  6. Yeah that's fine lol

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  7. With Photoperiod plants it really all depends on how long you plan on vegging for because honestly those things could be trees if you veg then too long. They grow alot more than people like to think in flower (the infamous stretch). Honestly If it were me, and I was running 4 photos in DWC I would have at least a 5x5 for flower, but you could get away with the 4x4. Its nice having the extra bit of space to work with when those things start really bushing out.
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  8. My question is, hypothetically speaking, because my options are open right now as to lighting. BUT would those two bestvas 2000w dc series ran with only Veg switch on for the veg tent that I could veg 4 plants no problem? As well how about that phlizon 3000w cob for flower, is that enough light for 4 plants to flower adequately in those size tents? I know there’s tons of variables and stuff and it’s anyone guess but I just want to make sure I’m atleast on the right track before I waste 700+ on obsolete lights. Thank you again for everyone’s contribution, I’m sure it’s frustrating answering these questions constantly that’s why I lurk the pages. But I’m about to go in on it here and don’t want to fudge up.
  9. Those lights are obsolete Chinese blurples. Consider Quantum Boards for up to date technology.
    Good luck.
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  10. Ok well I will definitely look into the 60”x60” tent! Thanks for the heads up. I am also looking into those other lights that were suggested... kind of a bummer those lights are obsolete... I figured as much with the bestvas but the cob light seemed to be a legit light, or is that thing boo-boo in terms of flowering? Any others that would like to chime in, please do! Im here to learn.

  11. So those are the two lights I’m looking at, if anyone’s following give me your input, good, bad, and constructive. I want a decent grow but It’s also my first indoor grow so I don’t want to go spending $1000 a light right from the jump...once I get my grow dialed in then I’d be more amped to
    Go with expensive lightings fixtures.... so with that being said would these be good? If not please point me in the right direction that’s still in my price range. Looking for a solid veg light and a solid flower light.
  12. Yea those lights aren't great. Like the other blade said check out horticulture light group. I was always sceptical about LED beating HPS until I saw those grows. I have more outdoor growing experience then indoor. Even beginners using those boards have impressive grows.

    All in all bud this hobby is expensive at the beginning. Once you are all set though you just buy things here and there. Shit man just waiting on lights to come in but probably spent $1000 so far on everything so far.
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  13. Why would you assume cm?

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  14. Quantum Boards are where its at bro! all the lights youre talking about used to be the bees knees, just not anymore lol. Im running a 550V2 over my 5x5 and have to dim it down with my 24/0 light cycle because the plants literally have more light than they can take. I would stay away from the blurples and closed unit LEDs, they put off a decent amount of heat, especially in a tent. I source all my quantumn boards through Shenzhen Meiju lighting company on Alibaba they have always been good to me. Its like a trade assurance/ebay website. People on here will bash and say go to HLG but honestly its all the same tech, the cost is what varies. If you got the money, then by all means go for HLG or someone local. If you dont mind ordering from china and paying a fraction of the cost, then by all means go Alibaba. I got my equivalent of an HLG550V2 for 400$ after shipping. For 160$ I got the equivalent of 2xHLG65s that I use over a 4x1 grow. Ive been running them 24/7 for the past 6 months no issues other than a loose power connection on one of the 65s from shipping damage. Shenzhen Meiju refunded the cost of the entire unit and I used a binder clip to fix the board lol. So for 500$ i got dang near 1500$ worth of quantum boards. wait, 460$ if you include the refund.

    Hlg 550 V2 Samsung Lm301b Led Grow Light 288 Quantum Board Grow Tent Kits For Indoor Plants - Buy Quantum Board,Led Grow Light,Lm301b 288 Product on

    1 yr warranty on board and 5 year on the driver
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  15. Ya I hear you! The initial investment is far more then I anticipated. Lol I mean I could have gone cheaper and did DIY type stuff but I figure if I buy nice stuff now then I can just add nicer equipment as I go instead of having to replace everything. Ya between the tents, carbon filter, meters, buckets, bites, lights... I’ll easily be going over $1000... partly why I want to go with the cheaper lights for now because I can always upgrade and I feel like the selection of lights I made will still give me atleast satisfactory results (atleast to my standards)... unless these lights will
    Produce pure garbage then i think I might try to rock out with those. Still undecided, but if I do I might do a short journal just so others can know what to expect (or what not to) from these lights. I’m not trying to be a weed czar lol just grow some frosty personal. Hopefully this will be achievable.
  16. Very affordable, I’m gonna look into these for sure. So one of the lights you linked me too covers a 5x5 with 4 plants? .... great suggestions here guys I really appreciate the feedback.

    Just of curiosity, I know blurple sucks and the lights I linked are no good anymore but if I did use them would I still see quality buds Or is it trash?
  17. I assumed centimeters because the OP said 50x50x80 and I have never heard of a tent that is 50" - 48" is the standard. Had the OP said 48x48x80 I would have assumed inches. :)
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  18. yes, that will cover a 6x6 for veg and a 5x5 for flower.
    unless you already have a blurple laying around you dont want to waste than I wouldnt bother. You could use them for veg no prob.

  19. Sorry, I misunderstood a little bit. The bestvas can be used for begging a 6x6 and the phlizon could flower a 5x5?
    ... or would the light you linked cover those parameters?
    I do have a 1500w dimgogo laying around, idk what the actual wattage is, I think 160 or 260 actual draw, do you think I should incorporate that into one of the tents or just leave it out of the equation? I figure it could help veg but I don’t want overkill. Thanks for the advice Bolo!

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