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    Hi,I just found out about this forum and I feel like i'm gonna like it here ^^
    Anyway,i live in France,in Bordeaux,the city of bammer weed!lol!I'm sick of being frustatd when i come back from CA cuz of all the good weed i've smoked back there so i decided to row my own little plant just for me and my friends!

    I am planning on putting it on my balcony,and i need to know what kind of seed are the best for this type of "growing"
    I only want 1 or 2 plants(female),not too much,plus it is moderately exposed to sun,nit too sunny ,not too shady^^

    I'm not counting on spending my hole day on taking car of it nether so u could maybe suggest different kinds of weed requiering less care like the autoflowering kinds maybe..

    My cuz told me i should do indoor ,what do you suggest ?

    I need to know,also,the different stages and the different amounts of light the plant needs

    EDIT : Sorry for the double post,screwed up,thread to lock
  2. i strongly recomend growing inside for one to lower the chance of pest infestation. and if you do it inside use a low wattage light that puts out a high Lumen light output and you dont have to spend all day careing for her jus like 4 times a day and jus so u know start her off from seedling on 24 hrs of light for the first week then switch to 18/6
  3. please explain what does the 18/6 stand for,sorry i'm so noobish ^^ and what do u mean by : "start her off from seedling on 24 hrs of light for the first week then switch to 18/6"
  4. 18 hrs of light 6 hrs of nighttime im a noobie grower also im jus starting my first crop
  5. and if you start your baby weed plant once it comes up from beneth the soil put the light on for 24 hours countinue to do so for a week then turn the light on for 18 hrs then switch it off for 6 and countinue to do so for about 2 months (depending on how big you want it) and basicly once shes the hight you desire her to be put her on 12/12 12 hrs light 12 hrs night this will start the budding cycle where the plant does most of the work
  6. how many phases does the full growth process has,seedling until harvest
  7. basicly 3 phases seedling(baby) vegetative and then flowering (budding)
  8. ok,do you grow outdoor or indoor?

    And do you have any idea about outdoor,if i do need to control light exposure r do i let mother nature operate?
  9. well if you grow outdoors mother nature takes over thats why i grow indoors if you want we can chat on my website via chatroom at so i can answer any of your questions directly
  10. great thx,I'm gonna go to bed right now but before i need to know if the daylight is enough for growing indoors (at a window fr example) or I need special light...Can I use a normal light ? ^^
  11. i dont reccomend puting it by the window
    hence police and u can buy bulbs cheap over the internet u can use flood lights or CFLs compact floresents and theres types that screw into regualr incandlesent lamps
  12. i live in a flat fifth floor so no worries about police,plus there are plenty other plants that can hide the babies^^so th daylight isnt enough ...I think i'll just try it out,one outdoor one indoor,I'll see
  13. sounds good that way one is bound to produce high potentcy so its a win win
  14. do u know where i could find seedbags,not too expensive?
    Where did you get your seeds?
  15. lol man i got my seeds from a sack that my cousin blazed me my cousin grew a whiterussianXblueberry strawberry haze and it was ahermi so it had seeds
  16. mmmmm
    if i was to say any good seed store??? jus ask some of your buddys for good chronic seeds in exchange for an oz of weed that the plant produces you will get more then that
  17. o cool,one of my relative grows weed but he uses clones ,so no seeds,thats y i'm so poor in info about germinating,do i neeed fertilazer for the growth?
  18. no ever hear of rastafari they grow outdoors with no fertilizer and if your reletive grows just ask him for a clone off of one of his clones? and if he says sure then it will take off real quick sence it already has leafs
  19. lol i sure wish but i live in france and hes in SF,cant risk passing a weed plant at the airport,thats why i need to buy seeds :S
    And i'm gathering info about different online store,dont wanna get rippe off
  20. oh totaly nothing like shiping out 30-80 bucks for chron seeds only to be ripped off

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