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  1. So me and this guy named Garret have been really close, I would say best friends for about the past year and a half or so. We've always gotten along great, but lately our relationship is deteriorating and I am unsure what to do about it.

    He is constantly arguing and acting aggressively towards me. Everything I say, even the most innocent statement, he finds a way to contradict. He raises his voice all the time and perpetuates small arguments into huge fights. I feel his behavior stems from his depression right now, because he is very caught up in drugs and spends most of his time either selling or smoking(something he never did when things were good). He also is very lonely, he hasn't had a real girlfriend ever and most girls don't give him the time of day. I feel as though he takes out his aggression and sadness on me because I am closest with him.

    But I'm starting to get really bothered by it. I feel like I'm losing my best friend, and I am powerless to stop it. I myself have not been perfect, I have done some things to hurt him in the past(involving females -__-)and he probably still holds resentment towards me because of that. I also engage in arguments with him when I probably shouldn't, but I get so frustrated with how he acts that sometimes I can't help it.

    Any advice on how to make things better? :( :confused_2:
  2. stop being a pussy and call him out... dont fuel the argument but just tell him to chill out... be like why are you getting hyped and shit... ive been in your position many times
  3. Trust me man, I've tried that. Everytime I call him out on his behavior he gets extremely defensive and escalates things into a near fist fight. When he starts getting aggressive, I get really mad too and shit just gets ugly. Take for instance just today(this is the instance that inspired me to seek advice from my fellow blades)

    We were chillin at my dinner table, getting ready to smoke and he was giving me music off of his iPod. He seemed kinda bored, and asked if I wanted to play chess. I politely declined, and just said I don't feel like it. He didn't react well to this and pretty much just complained about how everytime we hang its boring and we don't do anything. I asked him why he is constantly in a bad mood around me and why he can't just kick it and not argue. This of course started an argument. I finally gave up and told him I was done talking about it and to grow up. He got instantly pissed and said I'm leaving. He then proceeded to call me a baby. I told him he was being an immature dick. Because he was.

    This is where it gets ugly. He starts the whole say it to my face bullshit and at this point I'm beyond pissed. I get in his face, call him a dick and he throws an elbow. I grabbed him and pushed him out my front door and told him to come back when he chills out.

    Clearly "calling him out" isn't gonna work. -__-

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