Need advice on PH and PPM (pics)

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  1. hey guys, so at the moment I'm running about 650-750 ppm and about 6.4 PH for a coco grow using GH nutes at the 6/9 ratio with some cal mag and epsom salts ... now I know 6.4 is high because I think coco is meant to be from 5.5 to 6 PH ... yesterday I ph'ed the runoff and it was a perfect 5.8PH ...

    Now should I still back off the PH of my initial solution to around the 5.8PH mark (with some PH down) and risk the coco reducing the PH even more than that? or should I stick to what I'm doing since the runoff is perfect PH

    Also are my PPM's too high at 650-750? (meaning I should back off the nutes) here are some pictures of the ladies so far at the current PPM and PH I mentioned above

    20190205_142853.jpg 20190205_142903.jpg 20190205_142910.jpg

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  2. Calmag and epsom salts? May i, as a noob, ask why both and not just calmag?

    Curious to see as what to do about the ph. Runoff is perfect for real!
    Nice looking plantalonés

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  3. I do Epsom and cal-mag because some of the growers here and on some other growing forums said there is low magnesium in cal mag, and when I checked the cal mag bottle they were right ... cal mag has 5% calcium but only 1.5% magnesium ... and after all my research magnesium seems to be very important for plants. The adding of the Epsom salts did increase my PPM by about 100-150 though ..

    I am also very noob I've just been taking the advice from here and other forums then researching it for myself to see if everyone seems to agree.
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  4. Pics without the LED's on from the day before I repotted them into the bigger ones
    20190204_140608.jpg 20190204_140728.jpg 20190204_140733.jpg
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  5. yes. keep monitoring for changes. monitor tds(ppm) as well to see. If it drop it want more, if it rises it want less. good job so far.

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