need advice on pc case

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  1. ok im thinkin about in investing in the flower box stealth case
    PC Grow Box- Flower Box Low Stress Training

    my questions are
    should i get the hydroponic system with it
    is the lst shelf any good
    and how much could i produce from one grow?
  2. As a PC grower, starting out I wanted badly to just buy one premade. But I ended up spending almost half of what I wouldve paid buying one just making it myself.

    But to your questions:

    1. A hydro system is almost impractable in such a small space like a PC case; because it would most likely be using a Shallow Water Culture system. A SWC is much harder to keep the PH under control because of such a small resivoir.

    2. The LST shelf, on the other hand, could be put to good use as you will need to restrict quite a bit of height in order to keep it in the PC case.

    3. It's really hard to say how much you will yield, there are so many factors that are involved. I've heard anywhere from 3g to 90g.

    Hope that helps.
  3. well thanks for the advide
    but i would still like to grow hrydroponically
    but still keep my setup small i noticed they also had a stealth cabinets

    Grow Box - The Grow Dresser

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