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need advice on micro growing

Discussion in 'Micro Grows' started by michalis, Oct 19, 2013.

  1. i have a 1x1x2 tent i go shipped to me by a friend, as the people in the beginners forum assure me, that is too small
    it will take time for me to get another tent sent over, is it possible for the time being to go ahead with this one?
    if i maybe keep to only one or two plants and limit the cfl wattage to 100-150w? would that make the tent too hot?
    any info on micro growing with this small tent are welcome, ive never done this before so its a bit intimidating

  2. I have a cfl grow and i keep a small fan blowing on them. Seems to keep them a lil cooler. Maybe this will help.


  3. Stick with one plant and 100W for round one and train your plant to use the available space well.  Check to see what your temperatures are before putting a plant inside. If you max out at 90F you'll need an intake and outtake fan, does the tent have some ventilation built in?
    An optimum temperature ranging from 25<sup>o</sup>C (77F) to 35<sup>o</sup>C (86F) is required for a good rate. At temperatures around 0<sup>o</sup>C the enzymes stop working and at very high temperatures the enzymes are denatured. Since both the stages of photosynthesis require enzyme activity, the temperature has an affect on the rate of photosynthesis.
  4. That graph is fantastic, clearly shows what happens when you cross the threshold, no conversion of energy which is pure stress.

  5. Welcome to the microgrowers section.

    The only people who tell you that 2 cubic feet isn't enough to grow weed are people who have evidently never grown weed or stumbled into the micro area.

    You have more space than most of the grows in this section. Look around and ask yourself why you couldn't do it also.
  6. I'm using a '2l x '2w x '5h space. I have 4(26w) cfls and a '2 fluoresent grow light. Mine seem to be doing fine. A little short but that's how i want them. As long as u.have ventilation and keep the temps between 74 and 78 u should be fine until u get ur new tent. I have roughly $50 in my setup and can't complain. U should be fine with what you got:D


  7. thanks for all the input, it really helps, awesome forum!
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    awesome chart, yes i am having trouble with the temps, its 90+
    i put a fan that brought it down to 86, just opened up some of the bottom flaps for some passive intake to see were thats gonna take me
    problem is i only put 1 36w lamp in, so god knows whats gonna happen if i try to up the wattage
  9. If people can grow in pc cases you will be able to grow in that tent.
    When you say you put a fan do you mean exhaust or just a fan blowing around the inside of the tent?

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