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  1. okay im going to construct a growbox out of wood, i have a couple questions on what would be the right height width and depth of the box for my situation. your advice and wisdom on this would be much helpful to me. i was wondering if you could go with a hps in a wooden box? or would it have to be strickly fluros? i would like to grow 6-8 plants abvout 2ft tall to about 2ft 1/2 now what height of box width and depth would bve good for my situation?? im going to be growing in soil organically? what would be a good size fan for my situatuin and light, and what would be the easiset way to circualte the air in and out of the box?? i need help please give me some good advice
  2. Ummm... Really hard to tell you what sized box, because we need to know what you want to yield, and what type of light your planning on using (wattage). How much do you smoke every 1.5 months or so?
    And yes, you can use a HPS in a wooden box, but i would use a kool-tube or air-cooled reflector for it to reduce the heat being put on the box.

    Also, what strain are you planning on using? And I sent you a PM
  3. HPS in a wooden box is fine. You don't want the light right up against the wood, but you wouldn't want it against any surface regardless. Ever go up in an attic in the middle of the summer and it's like 120 up there? Plywood and pressboard aren't about to catch fire from that kind of temp.

    Do you want 6-8 female plants, 6-8 unknown gender plants (to end up flowering perhaps 3-4), or would you use femmed seeds? When people talk about a number of plants they want to grow that still leaves a lot of room for interpretation. Having said that, you probably need at least 8 sq feet but more like 12 would be better.

    As for height, figure this: 2.5' plant, 10" pot height from floor, 10" light height down from ceiling, minimum 12" air space between light and plant tops = minimum 5' box height. Keep in mind the more plants you grow in the same space the stronger your light will be (250w vs. 400w vs. 600w vs. 1kw etc) which means more clearance needed between your plants and the light.

    For air circulation make some holes in the floor or low on the walls of the box for intake and put one hole with fan in the ceiling or high on a wall for exhaust, baffle all for light. Total area of intake holes ideally should be double the area of the exhaust hole.

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