Need advice on buying a used car!

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  1. Ok blades right now I'm driving a 96 ford Taurus yes I know it sucks ass but it was free so I can't complain. I really wanna sell it and get a different car. I was thinking about selling this car for possibly 4500, I went to and saw taurus' with like 180k miles on them and in pretty shitty condition for about 2000-3000. Mine only has 45k miles because it was from my great grandma when she passed away. It has nothing wrong with it just the clock doesn't work.

    I was thinking about a 2002 or earlier ford explorer or around 2000-2004 grand Cherokee or a 2000-2002 mercury mountaineer. But I wanna get whichever I get tinted and subs in it. So I need se advice on which car I should get, what year, how much money, and if you guys know some decent subs to get it.
  2. Hmmmm.....unless you want to buy an unreliable POS, think Toyota 4Runner, Toyota Land Cruiser, Honda Pilot. The Explorer is the best option you named. What is your overall budget? I would recommend a Toyota 4Runner with a Rockford Fosgate T-2 12" in it.
  3. What year 4runner then? I was looking on at grand Cherokees and mountaineers and their pos.
  4. Mercury Mountaineer=Ford Explorer

  5. Tell me what is your budget?
    Why do you want a full sized SUV?
    What do you want your vehicle to do beside have tinted windows and a subwoofer?

    I'm an automotive technician brotha.
  6. no way your gettin 4500 for ur 96 tauras no offense unless its a sho, but think imports man they last forever

  7. so do domestics.

  8. A car lot here is offering 4,000 minimum for any trade in.
    If you know how to work their system you might be better off trading it in.
  9. if u wanna have a car break down on you all the time, imo after 100k miles domestics r ready for the junkyard or a new motor
  10. A grandma car with 45k miles will probably give you at least another 60 to 70k with just basic maintenance, and you would be able to sell it for 2k. I'd keep it...
  11. don't. save your money.
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    That's a clueless statement.

    New starter motor? Thats bout the only motor you'll find under the hood of a vehichle. That other thing is an internal combustion engine and they are engineered to last hundreds of thousands of miles, and in most cause do.

    A loose nutt behind the wheel is about the only thing that changes that.

    Have been putting 350K + miles on ford stocks engines for years.

  13. Grand Caravan here, nearly 130k miles, still does 100mph if I ask it too. 100k it need a tune up because it was misfiring. On 3 cylinders. You try driving woth half an engine and nothing over 4,000 RPM's :rolleyes:

  14. spark?
  15. I recently picked up a '99 4Runner with under 150K on the clock for under $5000. It's the 4Cyl, automatic 2WD model. Clean as a hounds tooth, basic transportation, decent mileage, reliable as hell, good for ten years of normal driving if we choose to keep it that long. Lot of room in the back for that Fosgate.
  16. All imports are ready for the junkyard as they roll out of the factory

  17. The most vapid post in GC history? :wave:

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