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Need advice on branching out

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TheDoobieBro, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. So as you can see I am new to grasscity and fairly new to smoking pot. I have a pretty nice piece and a few good hook-ups, but I feel like branching out as a smoker. If there is any advice , tips or tricks, recipes or whatever, I need your help
  2. what do you mean branching out? lol like transforming into a stoner or somthing? idk i just woke up i dont understand the question :D
  3. YEah dude Explain wat u mean by branching out.:smoking:
  4. If you mean like getting more connects then just talk and solialize w/ more people who smoke, ask your dealers about other people or ask other people who they buy from. If you dont mean getting more connects you need to rephrase question.

  5. LOL sorry ... I meant I usually smoke out of a piece and I want to try different things like new parafinalia or maybe try eating marijuana instead of being limited to JUST smoking out of bowl... I know there are a lot of knowledgable people on GC and I was just gonna see if anyone had any suggestions.. Thanks you guys
  6. Save up some money and buy a bong or learn to roll jays. Also, make stoner friends. Most are pretty nice. There are plenty of recipes on here for making brownies and such too

    Of course, it's always cool having two types of friends: smokers and non-smokers.
  7. Ok, if you can buy and keep a bong at your house that is always fun. But if you can learn to roll joints and blunts do that, less expensive and its is fun to roll. Ecspecially when you are good at it b/c its like your own creation haha. Makes smoking it much more worth it.
  8. I say make some hash or start collecting glass.
  9. Really just enjoy the weed till you feel like you need to change things up and you will, don't rush a lifestyle dude.
  10. Yeah man, just look around the site there's a bunch of good recipes for firecrackers and brownies and other edibles. Also, other than smoking through a pipe try and learn how to roll a blunt/joint, or save up for a nice bong.

  11. Good advice ... Thanks for all the advice,, a few questions , about how much will decent bong cost, not a big one cuz I need to be stealthy, and also about how much bud would I need to make hash?
  12. You can get bongs anywhere from $20 to $3000.

    Honestly, it depends on what you want. Beaker, straight tube, ice catcher, ashcatcher, diffuser, percolators. You need to know what you want. I'd research into the different things on bongs.

    As for the hash, idk. I just started collecting crystals so I have no idea, but it probably depends on how much you smoke.
  13. Try and talk to people to get different groups of people. Non-smokers, Smokers, and Real Tokers.

  14. Smart man.
  15. i say you should learn to roll j's and blunts. i love them lol they are deff worth learning to roll but peices are great 2

  16. Thanks man! That guide really helped and most of my bong questions but if anyone could clear up the info on hash it would be grealy appretiated
  17. start a little glass collection, or actually, just a pipe collection. Like pick up a new piece every few weeks or so if you are getting bored. I have 2 spoons, rolling paper and a bubbler so far, Im looking into my first bong, and then maybe look into a vaporizer, then im thinking of some new pipes made of wood or just a few different things that look cool :smoking:

  18. LOL in a year I'll have my own headship! Good idea on mixing things up
  19. haha i dont mean like buy a crazy amount, i just find the idea awesome to get a new piece every few weeks or month...kinda like a video game or maybe an instrument, you buy a cool new video game of all different styles fairly often, but that doesnt mean you will have your own video game store :D

    or like for the instrument example, you have like your acustic guitar, eletric, bass, performance guitar or whatever, just to switch it up and have a different style.

  20. man most of the time i try to stay away from pieces, if someone comes up i'd much rather just ditch a joint than have to ditch a piece and going back to look for it a few hours later if the situation where i gotta ditch it comes up

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