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  1. hi so i got my first bong recently. i bought a glass on glass 14mm downstem but now i want to get a percolator. do they make glass on glass perc arms? or are there just ash catchers. i want to make the hits smoother cause my bong is a 3ft glass just straight up.
  2. an ashcatcher is pretty much like adding a perc.
  3. An ashcatcher will act as another perc. So would a pre cooler.

    Source: Registered bong expert.
  4. so how much is a decent ash catcher? i have about 40-50 to spend
  5. Get a ashcather , then put a pre-cooler in that. Then get a carbon filter adapter and get a pre-cooler bowl for that.

    That should smoothen up your hits :smoke:

  6. if you could educate me on what a pre-cooler is and a carbon filter that would help haha
  7. Forget the carbon filter if you can use your 3' bong without worrying if ppl smell it. Just get lil Molino ashcatcher, they are great for the $$$.
  8. Pre-Cooler = Ashcatcher. Not sure why they gave the impression that they were 2 different things...

    A carbon filter is a special GonG attachment that you fill with pieces of crushed active carbon. When the smoke passes through it, it will lower the amount of toxins in the smoke, improve the taste, and it will help keep your bong clean (But in this case, an a/c would do that anyway).

    Check out the grasscity shop for some quality ashcatchers for those on a budget.

  9. I meant an inline pre-cooler , my bad!
  10. thank you all so much for your imput and help.

    so what is an inline pre-cooler?
  11. This :smoke:

    EDIT: Very fancy looking. I'm sure everybody would give you props for having an attachment like this on your bong :D

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  12. It's just an ash catcher, but the percolator is horizontal and has multiple holes/slits.

    This is better than a normal a/c because, unlike a lot of normal ashcatchers, this utilizes every single hole for maximum diffusion.

    It also looks dope. :D

  13. From what I've read on reviews of inline pre-coolers , people say that it's not meant to be an ash catcher? It looks as if the ashes would suck right into the chamber, but I don't know, I don't own one. Very cool looking nonetheless. I will probably get one for my mad scientist on Monday. :smoke:
  14. That's the whole point of an ash-catcher. To catch the ash in the a/c instead of the bong. Keeping your tube much cleaner.

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