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  1. ok so im thinking of getting my license and I have never driven a car im 19 and i just don't really need one but i think i should learn cause i don't want to be 20 and still getting my parents to drive me everywhere.

    So i would like some advice on how and where to go to get my license and what kinda other advice can you all give me?

    im kinda nervous about this.
  2. Go to your local DMV, they'll give you a little booklet with stuff to study, then you can sign up and take the written test and they'll schedule a driving test - at least that's how it works in New York.

    My only advice is not to drive drunk and learn your parallel parking - they will fail you if you fuck that up.

  3. I live in kentucky i think we only have the written test and then you get your licence thanks for the advice ill find out where my dmv is and try that out.
  4. Go and study the little book and pass the learners permit and then just take driving lessons with a friend or your parents or something and you'll be driving in no time. DMV's will make you want to end yourself though.
  5. I used to work for the drivers facility here in Illinois and I administered driving exams and we never tested people on parallel parking. :p

    Anyway, I don't see how parents let this happen. These days driving is just another thing that kids MUST learn to do to prepare them for adulthood. Why exactly did you never obtain a license before? When people say they "never needed one" it just drives me crazy.
  6. yeah i couldnt believe that they would fail you for not parallel parking..that seems a bit extreme..:smoke::smoke:

  7. The truth is overwhelming right here.
  8. Actually i live in ky and yes you do take a written test to get your permit then, assuming you pass the test which sounds sketchy right now. After you get your permit then you must keep it for 12 months then, you take the actual driving test in the car for your actual license. Good luck...
  9. Children on bicycles are worth bonus points.
  10. Thanks for the advice every one ^^ i will try to get my permit soon

  11. I really never needed on i dont leave my house mutch my dealer delivers to me i dont have any friends i hang out with i own my own bussiness when i dont want to go in i have people that live there that i give work and a house to live in lol so i dont need to leave mutch but this is something i must do. its a mile stone in life you know?
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    1. What kind of business do you own? As a business owner myself, I can't ever see not having a vehicle. How can someone who runs their own business still be dependent on someone else (especially parents) for transportation?

    2. There are many small things, whether you have a social life or not, that requires transportation.

    3. I still don't get the "I really never needed my license," bit...I've heard it over and over and over again. But if you've ever needed to ask someone for transportation, you've clearly had a purpose for a license.
  13. I own a adult store with my family.. sell some cheep glass in there as well so its a adult store and a head shop all in one. more of a adult store though
  14. So, what level of ownership do you have in this business? Do your parents own it and they hired you on and gave you certain managerial powers? Did they say, "Here, son, you now own part of the business?" or did you buy in? Did you help in the developmental process and formation of the business? I'm just curious, because I'm still trying to figure out how a business owner, or partial owner/partner/heir can be responsible enough for business but not drive.
  15. dont know he owmership lvl

    I was just invited to be a owner and help set it up and do all the ordering from the whole sellers

    my parents dont know how to use a computor so i have to do all that for them.

    And i have someother stuff in my life going on that i dont wanna mention on grasscity about why i never got my driver licence
  16. so basically you work for your parents? or you DO own some of it? whaaat?

    well, in the UK you gotta send away to get your 'provisional license' before you take your tests, which im doing right now, im 19, in the UK people generally dont start driving untill they are in there twentys, everyone uses public transport.

    but yeah, anyway, please do tell us why you couldn't get your license...the personal problems..come on...we are a curious lot on GC..
  17. play a shit load of video games
  18. its really not that hard...if u are really worried though you could always find a driving school (since its too late to take it at your high school).

    and u talking about owning part of your parent's business reminded me of some bread factory i saw on a documentry...i think it was in Cali...anyhow its partly owned by all its workers....when u get a job there they literally give u part of the the CEO makes the same as the assembly line guys...which they said was over $70K a year.

    i think we need something like this to strenghten our entire economy.

    lol sorry for ranting on your thread

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