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Discussion in 'General' started by Lebowski, May 17, 2006.

  1. Today I bought 70mg of adderall for 10$. 3 20mg pills, and a half, I split them all in halves now so I have 7 10mg doses. These are not the XR, they're orange oval shaped pills.
    Im sort of anxious about taking these, I dont know if its anxious anticipation or anxious fear. So heres the questions I have:
    -How different is 10mg of ADDerall vs. drinking a bunch of caffeine
    -Will I be able to act normal?
    -Is having a racing heart an issue?
    -How long do these (non-xr) last? eg. when is the latest i should take one if I need sleep by 12?
    -How different is this from Ecstasy?

    Ill follow up based on your answers, thank you! :hello:
  2. i never heard of orange ones.. but if they're short lasting they should last around 3-4 hours

    crush them up very fine empty a pen making it hollow and snort 10 mg

    i dont know how to describe them for you cause everyone's different

    i used to be prescribed and it fucked with my chemicals and i became real antsy and hyper.. atleast as i remember. i chewed my hands and have scars, that wont happen to you lol

    i take it now occasionally

    it helps you concentrate sometimes, if you dont need them at all then you may feel a bit wierd when taking them

    i took 20 mg one day and i have a low tolerance and i just got really annoyed with the school felt dizzy, drowsy, a bit hyper, finally just left early

    nothing too big bout adderal, i like it, keeps me awake
  3. I just took 5mg cuz im gonna play soccer later and im sorta tired.
    The only time I did it I took a 5mg XR before my classes. I didnt much like it, it made me pissy, and it didnt help me concentrate much, but I think its cuz it wasnt enough...
  4. ^^ screw that just roll up a dollar and snort it. or eat it. or suitcase it.

    aint nothing like exstacy man. its fucking speed. nothing like mdma at all.

    dont take one after 4 if you need to sleep.

    dont plan on wanting to eat unless you smoke a lot of pot.
  5. Ok, that 5mg kicked in, I must say its alot better than the time I took 5mg of XR. I can feel how if I took 10mg I would be able to get a lot done, I already feel like im typing like a beast!
    BTW im not interested in snorting shit, im fine with eating them, AND theyve got a sweet tasting coating :)
  6. Im prescribed to Adderall XR's and i must say they last a long time.. Im supposed to take 40mg a day... but sometimes i will take more, and sometimes very little.. The last time i took 80mg all at once, i actully felt more stoned in a way than i did hyper. It was a weird experience actully, but i liked it. Anyways, thats my experience with adderall.
  7. You'll be able to act better than normal. You will want to talk and open up to people you never would have sober. My heart didn't go crazy, but you can defiently notice an increase. 30mg had me up all night the first time I took it. But when I snort it I notice I can actually eat (couldn't when I popped it) and sleep. Very, very similar to x, but more reliable because of the unlegitmacy of most X pills. When I say similar to x, I mean the crash and and all - coming down sucks.
  8. IMHO, Adderall is nothing to be even asking advice for. I was prescribed on it for about 2 years, awhile back. I was prescribed the same you're taking, is it half transparent oranage and half darker orange? If so, I used to take 2 every morning sometimes 3, never had a problem with anxiety or nervousness or any of that. It's not all its cracked up to be.
  9. Yeah that's why I'm off it. My appetite was horrible so was my sleep pattern. I almost feel like it's damaged me permantely. After I was prescribed, I still sometimes feel like I have the appetite problems and sleep problems. Only cure is MJ.
  10. try taking it for 13 years and tell me how bad you have it.
  11. lol.. well you obviously didn't get it too bad then because you would have stopped. I had SERIOUS problems with it, I would have never lasted more than 2 the years, it was horrible. Hate to say it, but you could have stopped :p Only took about a year for me to notice, then about another year to notice it was the adderall
  12. I use to take 10mg. I took 2 in the morning before class and one in the afternoon to help me with my homework. But I didnt have trouble falling asleep. It's like speed basically. You usually can't eat unless you smoke which is what I use to do.

  13. actually the sick thing was...i couldnt stop. i wasnt allowed to. my parents were so into the magic effect that it had on my study habits (i mean if the doctor prescribed it it cant be bad) that they somehow overlooked my violent moodswings on comedown, my rapid weight loss in the fall/winter (i never took it over summer), my nonexistant eating habits, etc.

    i had serious problems too, i had zero personality in middle school. i was zombie zombie zombie during the day, then around 4 when id comedown i would be psycho child and flip out about anything.

    they forced that shit down my throat. it took 13 years, two broken lamps, and a subsequent fist full of blood to let them know that i was serious about stopping.
  14. take like 40mg man, you get some mad eupohria.
  15. i took 110 mg today and im havin fun withit

    feel a lil sick tho
  16. Wow, 40mg, 110mg, thats a shitload. I dont like feeling twacked out, caffeine like high is good enough for me, 10mg down the hatch!
  17. T=0.30hrs
  18. i took 90mg of the xr and was only up for a good 2days w/o eating.. and acted normal (just look a lil bent out of shape second day..)
  19. Im feeling pretty good, I did alot better at video games. Im gonna do some flashwork.
  20. It sucks that eating feels so wierd/gross on this shit. Im forcing myself to eat a banana.
    Do you think it'd be worth it for me to rail 5mg?

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