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Need a Weed argument

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Gonjasaurus Rex, May 3, 2011.

  1. My friend is inclined to think that weed is the most horrible wast of time and horrid thing you could do and extremely dangerous. any arguments i could say to shut him up?
  2. tell him about little johnny who tried the pot and OD'd off of one line.
  3. He's probably the anxiety type. Just pass him the blunt. lol
  4. Comment on the effects of alcohol and cigarettes and how both are LEGAL.
  5. "Hey, why don't we discuss this over a bowl?"
  6. Tell him to hit the bong.
  7. tell him that every single scientificaly conducted study ever done has come back stating that marijuana is an extremly safe drug and has medicinal uses.
  8. Start with a knock knock joke.

    "Knock Knock."
    "Who's there?"
    "Fuck off!"
  9. i said. - Playing wow is more of a waste of life and ruins social and physical aspects of your left more then weed does. lol yet blizz has 12mil subs. Just cause you toke doesnt mean you cant be successful. more than 1/3 of new age presidents smoked pot. and hell look at micheal Phelps. and stephen king is a pure genious

    he said - WoW is a giant timesink, but at least requires quick reflexes, situational awareness, and solid team-coordination to play at a competitive level, so in that respect, I'd argue that it's MUCH more productive than sitting in your room puffing away on a joint watching Fresh Prince reruns.
    I can list off just as many straight-edge people who are just as, if not more successful, but I won't sink to logical fallacies Logical Fallacy: Appeal to Celebrity
    Main point being, the stoner subculture is a giant petri-dish of ignorant underachievers, misguided pseudo-philosophers, and petty criminals. The grand irony being that they see themselves as somehow radically iconoclastic, championing and even taking pride in the ostensibly noble cause of self-delusion and substance abuse. It would be laughable if so many people didn't actually take it seriously.
  10. Did you tell him the knock knock joke?

  11. Not yet!
  12. Tell him to tell you all his fears of weed, and then explain to him how he is wrong and back your shit up with facts from good sources. Make him watch the union while you're at it.
  13. He's actually not that wrong, lol. Weed is an incredible waste of time and money, and its pretty bad for your health too.

  14. so is everything
  15. Well there you go. Glad I could help. :smoke:
  16. tell him to pull that gigantic stick out of his ass, and take a hit
  17. I'm surprised no one has said to watch "The Union: The business behind getting high" with him.

  18. sounds like WoW.
  19. Let him think what he wants to.

    This won't do anything. It's biased non factual b.s.

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