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    So recently me and like 10 friends have created the drunk militia, a group that does not give a fuck and will assemble at any time anywhere to get slammed.
    Minutemen, if you will.

    This is seperate from the guys we usually throw down with, they own a beast RV park with pools and hottubs and a game room, but recently we cant party there because they live there, but also own the park so customers wake up and see the remnants of a kegger, and it looks bad


    The RV guys we party with are with us in getting a new spot, so we're pretty much looking for a whole new spot to throw down at

    considering most friends houses are out of the question, anyone have suggestions where we can throw a party at? like where did yall do it back in the day, we're all around 18-19.

    What I'm considering so far:

    1.The lake (in the past we've rented spots at the lake and thrown down there, kinda pricey, kinda sketchy, as cops patrol the campsites)

    2. Friends apartment (he prolly will puss out, and its in a sketchy neighborhood, where people will call the cops if its too loud

    Help me out folks, i dont really wanna use 1 or 2 but i need some ideas :) love ya :)
  2. all depends on where u live. tell us where u at so we know what u have access too.
  3. We live about 5 mins from a city, 10 mins from a lake so we kinda live in the country outskirts of Waco

    cops aren't real bad if your not sketchin or too loud, but if they see it they will bust it, but if people call it in and shit they wont care
  4. watch the show 'trailer park boys'

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