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  1. Anyone know a site that sells bongs that takes paypal? I decided I want a bong, and I have 50 bucks in my paypal so I'm just going to use that money to avoid the hour long trip to my head shop. I'm looking to spend only 20-30 bucks or so. The site needs to take paypal. Grasscity doesn't take paypal which makes me sad since I found a bong on here I like too :< Thanks a lot guys.
  2. your not gonna find something worth 20-50$ that you will be happy with, you may find something at etsy tho itll be a little more expensive
  3. I just want a small bong, nothing fancy no percs I don't even expect a diffused downstem. And I'm fine with that, I don't need an amazing bong.

  4. thats all good man im jus saying your probly not gonna find what your looking for online through paypal.... unles you can find something on ebay or something id say either go to your local shop or jus buy something thats actually worth your money
  5. Grasscity has the bong I want for 20 bucks they just don't take paypal. I can find what I want easily if I just have a site haha.

  6. thats what im tryin to say to you guy, most reputable sites that sell glass either dont have paypal or dont sell shitty little 20$ bongs go to a gas station or something, fuck for 20$ you could go to a hardware store and make a better bong than your gonna find for that price
  7. You will very unlikely find a site selling MJ related stuff AND offering payments through PayPal.

    It is against PayPal's policy to support such sites.
  8. No real online glass store will take paypal, its a violation of PayPal TOA to sell smoking products in any style shape or form. The only place to get any glass with paypal is Ioffer, and you will probably get scammed there. Don't waste your time, just go to your closest headshop with cash in hand.

    EDIT: Beat me to it LeapFrog! =D
  9. 20$ wont even get you a decent slide in most shops

  10. Ditto, if you plan on buying a piece of any kind with Paypal. your only hope is to buy from a individual.
    Check out Wicked sands tubes, for like $95 you can get a sweet straight beaker bottom with no percs and a thick joint. Pm for questions
  11. the best bet on paypal is ebay some times u will find some cheap stuff on there or what ever
  12. Have you found the site?
  13. that sucks because I was going to look around for a site that sold juicy jays with a paypal facility. I just prefer using PP
  14. It super sucks because ebay only has hookahs on it ><
  15. try looking up bongs everywhere you can on ebay, because I bought a bubbler through ebay and had to look around to find it, almost like it was hiding.:eek:
  16. I don't see anything about paypal on that site....
  17. that's my store : what I do at Etsy, I send a request of fund to the email, had a paypal cart for a while at the website until I put at ebay and both of them outlaw it. So Had it canx and have it arrange for invoice through paypal.
  18. Cash in on your paypal.

    Buy a Visa Gift Card.

    Use this at a good online headshop like Grasscity or EDIT.
  19. While you cant use paypal checkout, i have herd of people using the paypal plugin secure cards. Tell me how this goes if you decide to do so. what they do is give you a credit card number and info but it all ties back to your paypal account.

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