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need a roor expert

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by skittles, Jun 3, 2006.

  1. How much would you expect to pay for a 14 inch, 3mm, American, Forest Green label with ice pinches? Are the pinches standard?

    The one im getting also has a 18.8 to 14.4 reducing downstem (18.8 at the joint) and comes with a narrowing bowl, Are these standard on U.S roors as well? Meaning no glass gauzes?
  2. hey skittles well first are you looking for a strait tube, beaker bottom, bubble bottom etc? and yes american roors do come standard with ice notches. and no american roors come with glass gauzes, i personally would never buy anything but a german roor. but u will probly be looking to pay somewhere around 130-175 for something like that PM me if you need a store to buy it from definately can help you out.
  3. b14z3d, can ya pm me the store too?
  4. straight tube. Its already on its way here

    I was gonna get a lil sista or red 3.2 But This deal was too good to pass up ($83 shipped).. Itll be here on monday. Do you know about the reducing downstem? and if they make reducing diffusors? (preferably german). A diffuser was gonna be my first upgrade and i dont wanna have to buy a bowl to go with it.
  5. $120 ballpark
  6. If I could also get a PM on that store, I'd much appreciate it :D
  7. dont pay more then 120 for any forest green..

    the reason roor usa does not come with glass screens is because they are not needed for usa tubes. the stock bowls are narrowing bowls intstead of bigger bored bowls thatt he germans use..

    bout to go hit my tenth anni with some bho and diesel kif.. :D

  8. pretty sweet piece.. heres my roor.. its definitely the favorite in my vast collection of gong bingers..

    roor tenth anniversary ice master w/ platinum ice notches
    bistable joint
    inscribed number 185/333
    roor crown label (only used on this line of limited tubes)

    there it is next to some of my favorite bingers for a session the other day.. :)


    Attached Files:

  9. i wouldnt mind the link to that store in a PM as well if ya dont mind lol
  10. i think i wanna get a bubble bottom pm me that store too would ya
  11. WHAT!!! Knotty Dread head...the bong on the right in that pic of the 3,...thats a BADASS ashcatcher.. what kind of bong is that and how much did it cost?
  12. hey anyone with that roor site PM it to me id appreciate it.
  13. while everyone is asking...... Id like a site that ships german RooRs to the US.... pm me please. +rep for whoever makes it happen.
  14. yeh if u could pm that site i would be extremely thankful
  15. is that a jp toro tube on the right?

  16. Ive got a 10th anniversary too... 275/333 :D i broke the bowl though so i gota find another one

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