Need a place to hide bong

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  1. My mum is full anti weed she knows i smoke it and hates it however im getting a mini bong just want ideas on where to hide it?
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  2. Just keep it at your place, and have your mum call before she drives over.
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  3. And by that do you mean have her knock on his door before she enters?
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  4. in ur butt,
    in the dumpster behing the cop shop.
    in a wall.
    in ur matress
    in a car trunk.
    at homies crib
    .. smoke joints.
  5. I used an old guitar case from band class. It had a lock on the side so no one could get into it. I still use cases like that and look at thrift shops and pawn shops for them.

    When I was keeping my smoking on the down low I hid my little ceramic bong in a pretty I genius place. I hung a sock by a piece of laundry line and hung that from the back of my dresser. There was a small 2 or 3 inch inset on the back as well so my dresser was almost completely to the wall.

    When I wanted pinner (my bong) for a stealth sesh I tipped the dresser forward, pulled up the sock and pulled out my bong. The sock was great because it dampened the sound if the dresser was bumped or searched. Made little to no noise.

    You could also hide it in something you don't wear. Like the sleeve on a jacket or suit. No one pats down the sleeve when looking through your stuff.
  6. I used to hide mine in game console boxes, or behind my dresser
  7. Live in same house no way can i afford my own place aha and she freely enters and she sometimes searches my room when im at college
  8. My dresser might be a good idea
  9. I live on my own but I have a room mate that's super anti weed so if you have some droors that you can pull out and buy stuff behind and put the droors back in that is a great spot
  10. Place it on the floor, hop on your race car bed. And jump right onto it, should slide in smooth.
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  11. Put flowers in it and say its a vase lol no all seriousness put it behind something she would have no interest in, bunch of stoner or horror dvds, junk food in the cabinet lol
  12. Use a shoe box (cushion it with something in case you drop it) you don't need, or an empty box of your hard drive or console. Or, just put it inside the pockets of old coats or jackets.
  13. How do you live on your own with a room mate?
  14. When i was a child and lived with my mum i just put it under my bed side table. That way it was in easy reach. I didnt have a lot of room and it was fkn hot with the hydro set up running along one wall.
  15. Yeah i smoke joints but gets to a point where you wanna have bong for times
    You dont have much money take a fat rip get high
  16. I think that is what i will do to be honest
  17. I meant I don't live with my parents I realized that after I typed it but I was too stoned to edit
  18. I used to hide mine in the sleeve of a jacket I never wore. Works unless your mother decides to wash it
  19. I used to just put my stuff in my desk, that was stupid. don't do what i did
  20. If you have a garage at your house keep it in there. I keep mine right in the bottom drawer of one of my snap on tool boxes fits perfectly and I can lock it up if I need to most craftsman boxes will work too

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