need a picture of very first sign of flowering,

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  1. anyone have a pic? i been looking but cant find one, my plant has 2 tiny little white hairs coming from the lower branches, and a few from the middle
  2. Look at the gosh darn stickies, you bum!
  3. How old is the plant? Is that the same plant that has a weak bent stem?
  4. Here is pre flowering [​IMG]

    And this is a flowering plant.

  5. no its my other auto,
    yes thats it, its even smells like bud already!, there a few little white hairs growing,

    how do i put a link of my grow on my posted messages?
  6. :skunky Monkey: your the bomb dude i swear.
  7. Thanks man.

  8. so how long does it take to get from pre flower (pic 1) to flower (pic 2)? @ skunk monk

  9. Flowering stage takes on average 8 weeks give or take. On autos its different usually alot shorter.
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    Twist- that second pic is about a week-week and a 1/2 after the first pic
  11. This was takin one or two days after first sign of sex

    This was takin 8 days later

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