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  1. Hey, so ive been watching Weeds, prison break season 1, house, its always suny in philly, and supernatural. ive been torrenting them so i watch them from the beginning but i need a new show to throw in here anyone know any good ones? dont reeally want any kids/animations. also, i want a show with a good storyline, like weeds.

  2. supernatural ftw!

    but i dnt have cable so i dnt really know what to tell you :/
  3. Man Vs Wild
    Into The Universe
    Spartacus (If you like tits and seeing people killed with swords, this is the best!)
    Family Guy
    South Park
    Worst Case Scenario

    Just to name a few.
  4. man trust me check out Dexter. i started downloading episodes and was finished with all 4 seasons in about 2 weeks. trust me man that show is the shit. plus the 5th season starts in september so you'll have something to look forward to once you finish the first 4. Oh yeah and breaking bad. def check that out, show is so dope.
  5. Entourage
    Curb Your Enthusiasm
    The Office

    if you're into comedy
  6. Supernatural FTW x2.

    Scrubs, My name is earl, shit - cant think of anymore.
  7. Entourage*
    Party Down*
    Eastbound and Down*
    Trailer Park Boys
    The Mighty Boosh
    The IT Crowd
    The State*
    Nathan Barley
    Arrested Development*
    Kids in the hall

    * ones I think you should definitely check out
  8. I love How I met your Mother
    That '70s Show is also pretty funny, but there are no more new episodes
    Oh, and theres also Two and a half Men
  9. breaking bad on AMC
  10. Eastbound and Down-definitely
    Breaking Bad-most definitely
    Pacific has been pretty good too
  11. Breaking Bad is the most compelling tv show I've never seen. I'd be amazed if you watched it and didn't become hooked.
  12. yeah theres some great suggestions above
    i'll add LOST... i love this show, if you can get through the first season and accept that you will always want answers and it seems they never give you any then you will be hooked and it is an amazing story (its science-fiction/drama/thriller ...some ppl think its just ppl stuck on an island chilling)
    Arrested Development....arguably the best comedy of the past decade. hugely underrated
    shows like the office and curb owe their style to arrested development.
    it is soooo funny and ron howard directs and narrates...he's awesome
    if you see interviews of the cast they make good points about why the show was cancelled, it really was too smart for its audience and ppl just werent getting the jokes at the time

    edit: haha ok so AD was already mentioned...glad to see some other fans on here!

  13. This man knows whats up. Party Down & Arrested development are the shit!
  14. Breaking Bad, and you dont get hooked on it, you are not human.
  15. Dexter and Breaking Bad. Two best shows on right now.
  16. Breaking Bad.
  17. anybody know a good site to watch breaking bad season 1??
  18. THE TRAILER PARK BOYS!!!! My favorite show. Its a canadian show and is not on the air anymore. It is very funny, and weed is one of the central themes. I highly suggest it.

    P.S. My signature is from the show.
  19. You should check out TruBlood. I think the 3rd season is coming out early June. It on HBO and its about vampires, but its not gay like twilight or anything. Some of the humans will take vampire blood and its like LSD plus 5, its pretty rad[​IMG]
  20. I was really skeptical when I first watched this, mainly because the only people I watched it with were chicks, so I assumed it has to be a chick show, but it was me and like 8 girls so I figured, all right, I'll watch it. I of course was baked off my ass, and I actually enjoyed it. The second season is damn good.

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