Need a new playlist who knows any good music

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  1. I'm looking for some chill music for a smoke sesh any thing will help, thankss C:
  2. Toro Y Moi
    Neon Indian
    Flight Facilities
    Chrome Sparks
    Com Truise
    Just the first ones that come to mind.
    Someone's been playing GTA lol
    OP, use pandora, it's the shit. I used to spend hours compiling music for playlists, but pandora basically plays all my favorite music without all the hassle.
  4. I've played it a little bit but I've been into all those guys way before the game.  I was maybe more stoked about the radio than the actual gameplay lol.  I'm actually a host of a college radio show and that's the type of stuff I play so I have a bunch more like that.
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  5. Washed Out -"Within and Without" Album.It's dope if you want chillwave/vibes music. You need to be in more of an indie mood to listen to it manAlso, check out Fuzz, Tame Impala, Ty Segall for more if a chill surf rock type vibe.I usually just fuck with hip hop, but I also listen to a lot of other shit.
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  6. You need some dubstep in your life my friend
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