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  1. I need a new job for a few months just til I start working for my dad. Right now I'm working for a construction company that's building houses and I just kind of help out and clean shit up. Most of the time I'm stacking lumber and cleaning up trash. It's pretty hard work. I've been working for him for a few months but now it sucks bcuz its cold as fuck outside and it's been snowing. I dread it. The upside is that he pays me cash. I need to make at least $400 a week. The town I live in doesn't even have its own Craigslist so I have to get a newspaper to find jobs. I noticed today that pizza Hut is hiring. Maybe I could be a pizza delivery boy. Sounds easy as hell. Driving around and smoking weed all day. Only thing I'm concerned about is that my truck has 160k miles on it and idk if that would be a good job for me. Ideas guys?
  2. Broskie, you're not gonna make $400 a week delivering pizzas. That's serious minimum wage shit. In California where I live (one of the highest min wage states) that's only a bit more than $300 a week before taxes full time. You're not getting hired full time. No fast food place hires full time, at least not to start out. You also have to pay for some pretty high cost insurance, and fuel (which they won't always completely cover especially if you drive at truck). There's a small chance you may make up the difference in tips, but don't count on it! Plus they'd probably drug test, and if just one customer calls complaining you smell like weed, bye bye job. And oh jesus the chances of getting pulled over driving around most of your shift, that's hours a day. I really wouldn't.

    Seriously just stay where you're at. It's only for a few more months. You've made it so far. Nothing wrong with an honest day's manual labor. Build's character and all that.
  3. my man used to work at pizza hut, made solid bank driving around all day delivering pizzas . . . smoked good too . . . . . only bad thing is alot of time in the truck, you know?
  4. you could find a full time job easier if you have good prior work experience. try walmart, home depot, shoprite, a&p, big brand places
  5. I thought about Walmart.. I just feel embarrassed to work there honestly. I wonder if they have any positions where I wouldn't have to use a cash register? I hate operating those.
  6. Swallow your pride and get paid. It's not like your going to working there for the rest of your life. At least, I'd hope not.
  7. Think I'd be able to make $400 a week working there full time?
  8. Oh yeah they have lots of different sorts of work. But to be honest I really think you're better off staying where you're at. Walmart is low wage. And just so you know, I do believe Walmart considered full time something like 28 hrs a week.
  9. Lol lame. I should I know but I'm miserable every day at work and I hate living like that
  10. home depot anywhere near you? they have good starting pay if you have the experience for a certain department
  11. My GF used to work at Walmart doing overnight stocking. 40hrs a week starting at 9.25 an hour or something like that
  12. Nope :-\
  13. So she would only work at night?
  14. Go to all the pizza places in your town and submit applications to all of em. i promise you at least one of them will hire you/interview you
  15. I don't mean to be harsh, but welcome to adulthood for 90% of the world. Most people hate their jobs. You wouldn't necessarily be happier anywhere else. Anything menial takes its tole after a while.

    If you're serious about wanting a different job that will work you full time, look into small, local businesses. With big businesses, everything is demanded by corporate, cut costs down, and that means no full time employees (except maybe managers) because they taxes are higher on a full time employee. Or, if there's a Costco in your area, they do actually pay competitively, and have one of the highest employee satisfaction rates in the industry.

    Alternatively, you could get several part time jobs. But keeping those scheduled right can be a bit of a task, and not everywhere will work around another job's schedule.

    Biggest rule I go by when decided whether or not to leave a job? Does the new job offer better pay and/or better benefits than the one I'm currently at? Or the opportunity in the very near future for such? Then sure. Otherwise I'ma stay where I'm at and continue to gain seniority. No reason to leave one soul sucking crappy job for another for the same pay....or maybe less.

  16. i can honestly answer this for you, no.
  17. Yeah from 10pm till 7am or something like that.

    Honestly id love to have your job right now. It's hard getting a job these dad, I've been looking for any job for two months
  18. I talked to my friend who lives in Dallas and he's actually delivering pizzas and he says he makes like $80 a shift

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