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Need a new grinder

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Goodlyone, Jul 2, 2017.

  1. Hi guys, I'm pretty new smoker and I would like to buy my self some nice grinder, can anyone reccomend me one from amazon or ebay? (preffered amazon) for like around 20$?

    Also, I have another question about weed scent.. if this question not related to this subforum please tell me where I should post this question.

    anyways I bought some weed and it had a very very strong scent, I mean my whole shelf would smell of it (good smell btw) and after around a week the scent became weaker and weaker untill I could barely smell it at all.
    so 2 question
    1 - why did it happend?
    2 - does it affect the quality of the weed? or the high you get from it?
  2. 1. Terpines
    2. No/maybe/idk/does it matter
  3. The last question does not make any sense, I've tried rereading it several times... But a good grinder is a standard plastic boy. If you have to throw it away or lose it, it's 5 bucks. They last a long time if you wash the fresh material out and off the sides
  4. The smell of the weed became very weak after a week of storagin it in the shelf
  5. Oh yeah, Terpenes decay and the smell weakens.
  6. store your weed in a mason jar or air tight glass jar in a dark area like a drawer. That will keep your buds a lot fresher overtime.
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  7. Does the lack of smell effect the quality of the weed or the high you get?
  8. no
  9. The lack of smell doesn't indicate a decrease in potency but if you just leave it in a plastic bag or whatever it will become less potent and dried out which makes it harsher use a mason jar
  10. It was in a plastic bag for a week. It's the reason?
  11. Depends on the bag probably though most aren't totally airtight

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