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    So its official I am giving up Skyrim. Love the game just looking for something a little different. I kinda would like something a little faster paced this time. I thought about Assassins Creed but wasn't sure. Help an ent out.

  2. What console do you have?
  3. assassins creed is pretty dope. i would recommend it to almost anyone.
  4. You have to give us something to go by but I'd say Dark Souls, it's cheap now too, 20$ new.  If you have PS3 grab a 3 month Plus account ($17) and download Sleeping Dogs ($40) along with all the other free games.
  5. ^^Dark souls is a great recommendation,The Witcher 2 also a great game to try out if you haven't yet.
  6. Sorry guys I have an XBox 360. Pretty sure I am going with PS4 when it comes out. May go back to PC.
  7. Dammit...I was going to suggest Uncharted as it has a lot of mechanics similar to Assassins Creed, but nevermind.
    Are you looking for games LIKE Assassins Creed? Have you ever played Assassins Creed? What type of games interest you?
    Whats one of you're all time favorite games?
  8. I'm in the same boat. I'm bored of the games I have, I need a new one. My most recent purchase was Tomb Raider. Surprisingly tons of fun. I would highly recommend that. Has a great story and gameplay even has multiplayer for when you finish the campaign.
  9. I have never played and assassins creed. I'm interested in an immersive experience. I loved skyrim. It could get a little slow to me and I would kinda like a "brighter" game if that makes sense with a less serious tone. My favorite game all time Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Just need a bandage till the PS4 is released. Thanks for the help.
    Tomb Raider is great. Another reccomendation is Bioshock Infinite, astoundingly good... there's Metro: Last Light, but I haven't played it so I don't have an opinion. I played Metro: 2033 though so I believe it's good. Borderlands 2 is fun as fuck, 10x better with friends. Other than a few other releases you may have missed, just look forward to this years releases like GTA V in September(?) or Prey 2 at the end of the year
    How much money are you willing to spend on a game?
    If 60 is too much, then let me know. If you're ranging for the 20 dollar games, then let me know.
    If 60 isn't too much, I would go with what the above said, Bioshock Infinite is a very good game, and it's "bright", but it has a pretty solid story, nothing too slow, though.
    I think Tomb Raider would be a little too serious for you, but it's not really that slow of a story.
    Have you ever played Fable The Lost Chapter?(The first Fable game)
  12. Not worried about the cost. I have never played fable of any kind. Does bioshoxk have an open works concept similar to skyrim?
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    In a way, but their more aimed at the traditional RPG than the open world sandbox RPG.
    Try out Fable if you haven't, Fable 2 and 3 are for the 360, but if you can get the first Fable which was for the original xbox, I think they have it on the arcade(Either called Fable, or Fable The Lost Chapters which is like the extended edition with more quests, outfits, etc..)then get it and try it. Not to mention Fable 2 and 3 are extremely cheap at Gamestop now, I believe Fable 2 is like 3 or 4 bucks, and Fable 3 might be 10 or less.
    Heres a few gameplay videos:
    Fable TLC:
    Fable 2:
    See if it's something that will interest you. Personally, Fable 3 was the worst of all the Fables, but you should still give it a try to see if you like it or not. Fable TLC was the best of all the Fables, there's no denying that, and if you have a decent PC, you can download and play it for free if you can't find it on Xbox Arcade.
    The way the fable games work, is they give you all the control. 
    In each Fable game, except for 3, you start out as a kid, and you age through to a teen, and then finally an adult. Then, depending on the actions you do int he game, and the choices you make, determines how people react to you, whether you become good or evil, whether you become attractive to others, or scary. It all depends on you. It's an RPG and it's very open world, so you will like that. If you like an open world RPG where you can do anything to anyone, and you control the whole game by you're actions, then Fable is the one for you.
    Edit: Oh, forgot to mention, Fables story is very bright, but it has a darkness to it. But think of it as a Fairy tale story, rather than like Skyrim which is more of a medieval story. The story is deep within the games, but not too deep to where it's slow, the action really picks up from the start.
    Plus, it was made by Lionhead Studios, and their games always have cheesy humor in it to lighten the mood. Fable is no exception. Everyone also has british voices, just thought you should know lol
  14. Thanks so much. I will look into Fable! Bioshock looks pretty plus the "politics" story seems pretty cool. Much appreciated!
  15. I would suggest going back to pc because both the next gen consoles are coming out, out dated. Plus pc is superior in every single way.
    Here we go again... Look out the PC gamers are coming! The PC gamers are coming!
  17. if you get into assassins creed i would recommend assassins creed 2. the first one is a bit slow and ac3 is just bad imo.
  18. i liked both dragon ages
  19. the truth hurts sometimes :laughing:

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