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    day 38 of 12/12,how they look,is it these leaf ends curved down is a some kind of problem ?

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  2. Too much nitrogen I think. Check your pH too, mine had the same curling and a severe pH problem, dunno if they were seperate though.
  3. Thank for reply,I'm trying to keep Ph between 6.3-6.7,my suspicion is for too much nutrients-like most of the new growers,I give them lavishly feed and water,overjump BioBizz schedule :),so I will stop feeding for a few days,just plain water ...and probably just a TopMax [bloom stimulator ]?
  4. Just give them light doses of bloom nutes (and only once every 2 or 3 waterings). You've got too much nitrogen right now but they'll soon use it up and probably have a N deficiency by the time they're finished (as most plants do.)

    Aside from that they look fantastic, well done so far and good luck.
  5. Your instincts were correct.....leaf tips that curl down are usually caused by overfertilization. In your case, it looks pretty mild so far, so you can either give them a gentle flush, or just give them plain water for a week or so. Other than that, they look great, good job!!
  6. make sure not to over water them :) that will make things much worce if you sufficate the roots from air
  7. Thanks again guys,next week they will receive only plain water [Ph 6.2-6.5]..and I move the lights 2-3 inchs away.
  8. Ok,after 10 days just plain water Ph6.5 [not flushed] and some of the plants still develop leaves with small rusty dots wich after a few days turn the leave completlly yellow and crispy ,I'm in dilema to give them some feed or keep watering with plain water till to the end-they are 46day in flower ?

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  9. that doesnt look like nute burn to me that usually browns out the tips first id say some kind of def trace minerals maybey.could try some supplemnts like superthrive,also could be insects like mites try some neem oil works great.
  10. Homebox another thing to consider/question? is this happening on the lower leaves say from the middle of the plants down? or from the top down? stick with me on this a sec, I have had a similar situation with an indoor grow, as my plants put on more budz and got closer to maturity they started losing more and more leaves. Needless to say I was freakin out thinking something was wrong with my plants or that I had over watered/nuted my ladies... As I have found out since then, that as a plant reaches maturity she WILL start dropping leaves, as more nutes go to the budz and less to the leaf. Also the plants will drop leaves to allow more light to reach the budz and interior of the Maturing plant.. ALL that being said, this may or may not be your case, just my own personal experience, My plants came through:smoke: To my great relief..I dont know if this will help you, but it's something to consider.
    Take care Homebox

  11. After heavy investigation with my pocket scope-no any pests/bugs fortunately:)
    Lilpilgrim ,it's happend mainly to the top leaves- directly under top cola,I really hope the problem is due to maturity of the plant,anyway they're finishing week 7 pure flowering [i'm not counting 2 weeks pre-flower] ,I'll give them some feed next few days, after that 10 days plain water and...scissors :)
    Thanks and have fun!

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