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    I've been running into an issue for the last two grows, and i can't seem to pin it down.

    I'm using tap water, and the GH flora nute system. 25 gallon res, ebb and flow.

    the symptoms i'm seeing:

    roots are a light tan color, and seem stunted in some cases. (seen after last harvest when i examined them)
    some old growth lower leaves have thin fingers and curl downward.
    some large fan leave have an orangish rusty discoloration starting in the center of the leaf.
    developing buds are stunted, no white hairs, or dead white hairs, and seem very hard and woody.

    Its not effecting all of the plants, some seem perfectly healthy, all are the same strain (although 2 different strains one for each grow. Last time was a heavy sativa diesel, this times an indica dominant sensi star)

    I'm using hardwater micro formulation.

    no additives outside of the 6 parts gh feed chart suggestion. (micro, grow, bloom, floralicious, koolbloom and flora blend.)

    lights a 1kw hps.

    PH stay at 5.8-6.1

    res temp is cold, in a garage on concrete, no higher than 60 degrees.

    From what i've beenr eading i'd assumed it was a magnesium lockout, so i did a foliar feed last week of epsom salts, which seemed to alleviate some of the symptoms, but i'm assuming thats just a shortterm fix. I'm also not sure if its more than one problem that's feeding into each other, or what.

    Sorry about the lack of pics, hope this is enough info for someone to hazard a guess.
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    foliar feed epsom salts definitely has fresh bud development, so i'm assuming magnesium is indeed my culprit, anyone have any thoughts at all on where to go from here for correcting my solution
  3. Im guessing many people haven't posted because you dont have pics, some def. look kind the same so its hard to tell, Pics would be very much appriciated though, you would get much more feedback. I would get your resivior off the concrete floor, and keep it at room temp if possible.. would you like to jump in a cold bath or a luke warm one?

    Im a soil grower so cant help tooo much, but is there any light getting in your res?
  4. rservoir is sealed, i do have an aquarirum heater in it to keep from getting too cold, it stabilizes out to about 60 degrees a day or so after res change.
  5. Hm... well im not sure, as I said im a soil grower so things are a little different, not much, if you havent already I strongly advise checking out this thread: and the very first post has 3 VERY useful links. Pics and highly detailed.

    otherwise, lol my quick stab at it, maybe tap water has too much salt and minerals? Have you checked the ppm and/or EC (electrical conductivity)? That might give you a more define answer to what your actually putting in. Soil works as a natural buffer, hydro is different aspect, buffers need to be supplied by the growers [if needed] but yeah thats my 2 cents.
  6. That was honeslty my original thought, too much calcium, causing a magnesium lockout, even with the hardwater micro formulation of nutes.
    thats just going by things i've read around the internet though, was hoping someone could tell me if i was completely out of my mind.
    It definitly keeps forcing the RO machine higher and higher up the lsit of things to buy.

    I'll check otu the thread you posted, thanks.

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