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  1. Hey everyone hope yu all well! [​IMG]

    Basically , im in the uk south west. and i have sucsessfuly germenated 10 lowryder x ak47 autos 4days ago ...

    Now heres the thing... they are in a greenhouse temps are around 28degress in the day and 67% humidity .... and they seem to be quite likimg it already! All sprouted already and its only been been 4 days ![​IMG]

    So all i want to know is , i know autos can grow in pretty much in all climates , as long as it gets enough light ...Mine arrnt going to finish untill 26th november ..will they be ok , and yield normall amounts and will tgehy finish in time before winter??[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    Thanks. [​IMG]
  2. check the day light hours in you area.
    Sunrise and Sunset for United Kingdom
    the length of the day will affect your yield, I was told it is best for autos to have like 20 hrs of light a day to maximize yield, you will be getting like 12 now and declining they will finish but yield will be reduced.
  3. as long as they do not freeze or the humidity gets above 65% (lets in mold). Then yes, You will be fine.


  4. Thanks for the info mate :) As a guess i have ten plants i know its hard to guess on yielf , but how much do you think i should be realisticly looking to get off 10 plants?(autos) :smoke::smoke::smoke:
  5. be happy if you get 3/4 an ounce per, but shoot for an Oz'r plus per.

    pot size ?
  6. my pot size is 3l is that big enough? Also , i have canna flores , when shall i start using this in my water schelude with the autos? As im a bit confused when to feed it with it ?
  7. And thanks , that more than i thought i might get per plant :)
  8. not familiar with that product .. whats the NPK ? I can take a guess

    autos react to two stimuli (?) for flower; age of plant ( major), and root space (minor).

    3 liters is just over 3/4 gallons ..so figure 1/2 ounce per plant...sorry :eek:

    next year, try out 2-3 gallon ( 7.5 l. - 11 l.) smart pots. You are four days in . so if you can transplant do so IMO. Just only do so if you can, with out messing em up ( they can be real fragile fort he first 2 weeks ) cause by week 3 they should be in flower. And You do not want to slow down flower at all in autos.. straight up kills yield.

    good luck

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