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Need A Job, Should I Take A Break From Smoking?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by MrGoatington, Jan 7, 2013.

  1. So I need a job, I'd be going after the most basic of basic jobs, like a grocery store, fast food or something. I plan on dressing up really nice and going and asking for applications since I've never had any luck with online applications. Say I get accepted at a Safeway or Burger King or something, do you think they would do a drug test? I don't want to go out and talk to all these places just to find out I could have a job if I wasn't smoking. If that was the case I just wouldn't smoke for a month and then go out and look.

    I really don't want to stop smoking, especially since my first bong will be here probably tomorrow. Do small places like I mentioned typically drug test? How about just fast food?
  2. I work at a supermarket. Usually they do the mouth swab test, but that's real easy to pass. If your applying to those kind of jobs, odds are they would just use the same thing if anything at all. A lot of people at my job are stoners and they smoked a little before there tests and did just fine.

    So I would keep on smoking until you get a call and until then keep on toking.
  3. Fast food and restaurants won't test. Along with mall stores and grocery stores.

    Cvs and Walgreens test.

    Take a break if you want to be safe. Mary isn't like most girls. You can break up with her and reunite anytime.
  4. These people are talking out of the ass. Most all corporations require a drug test as a part of the application process. The only reason the would not is if the company did not intend to keep you around long enough to matter. Stop smoking weed for a a month and a half go find a job that does not make you want to hang yourself. Then when you are in good and know how to do the particular skills required to successfully complete the task at hand start smoking again, Or not maybe you will not want to smoke anymore but don;t go take a drug test you know you are going to fail.
  5. Call center.

    When I was 18, I did collections for Wells Fargo. No drug test. And I was making like $10/hr along with $1500 in bonuses a month.

    And that is with 0 experience. And that is pay form like 7 years ago... prob more now.

    The job sucks, but you can make ok money and you won't get tested.
  6. Just stop smoking and stop listening to the other idiots in this thread that are telling you to push it to the brink. You really can't stop for a few weeks? I'm doing it now (5 days in) and it's not bad at all. It's actually quite refreshing.
  7. only one person in this thread said to keep smoking....
    think we should wait till this thread is atleast a page long to start using plural phrases like "idiots in this thread" and "These people are talking out the ass" lol
  8. I wouldn't quit smoking, even I could pass a drug test at this time, but the job market is competitive as fuck. Some jobs only want you to fill out online applications too, and there are usually 50+ people applying for that same job.

    I lost a great job may last year, and haven't been able to find a job since, and have only had one or two interviews and that's after searching far and wide.
  9. Go for Safeway. All they do is a mouth swab, if you don't smoke for like 12 hours and brush your teeth you would be fine.
  10. I've been working at a Kohl's for six months now and they have not drug tested once. I've talked to the people who have worked there longer and none of them said they had a drug test.
  11. I work at a semi-large (nationwide, but not Pizza Hut or anything) pizza place. They didn't test at all.
  12. I work at stop and shop, I know that it isn't nationwide but for night shift I know they drug test. But day job they don't. Don't ask me why either. A simple solution is buying a detox drink -which I'm sure you'd be able to find online. I passed no problem good luck my dude!
  13. I smoked the day before my mouth swab test and passed no problem. I work at a Jewel Osco, so I assume all other grocery stores are the same.
    Just make sure you brush your teeth hella well the day of the test and drink lots o' fluids.

    Stay high, lads.
  14. I would stop smoking man. I'm going to be working at a pretty simple store. It's called Harbor Freight Tools. Just got a call for an interview. And that's just a sales associate position and I still get a UA. Stop smoking for a month or two. Apply for jobs. And take a home DT first to be sure your piss is clean.
  15. Pizza Hut doesn't test either.

    Most fast food places never drug test and it's not like you are going for a job for your permanent career or anything so I'd say there is no point in stopping unless you really need a t-break.

    Keep in mind I'm only talking about fast food places and restaurants.
  16. If smoking makes you happy don't stop for a job... for real, all the money in the world wont make you happy, but the little things do. Enjoy them... you could be dead tomorrow... you never know man.
  17. Small, independent restaurants are where it's at. Relatively good pay and they'll never test you.

  18. So... where's he gonna get the money to keep smoking weed if he has no job?

    I'm sure nobody here likes a moocher.
  19. you need to stop smoking and start looking for a job. on the bright side, you will be able to smoke again once you pass the drug test. you are approaching this all wrong, though. don't bother wasting your time going in to stores asking if they are currently hiring. most places take online applications and do not care if you show up in person at human resources/customer service, as well. here's some steps for success :

    1. call and ask if they're hiring
    2. fill out the online app
    3. call them back and ask if they read over your app (repeat multiple times)
    4. when you finally piss them off enough for you to come into an interview, prepare a list of your best qualities. study them to the bone. be confident. dress nice for the interview
    5. if you weren't contacted two weeks or so later, call them back and ask about the status of your interview if you got the job or not
  20. Forget all those idiots telling you to quit, why dont you just find a job where u can smoke, u dont have to work at some crummy supermarket sucking some guys D jus to get a measly peanut check.

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