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Need a grinder

Discussion in 'Other Toking Tools' started by Squiggly, Jul 28, 2009.

  1. I've got a couple gift cards to Amazon.com and I've been looking to get a grinder.

    [ame="http://www.amazon.com/Chromium-Crusher-Premium-Quality-non-aluminum/dp/B001CPRYLK/ref=pd_cp_hg_1"]Amazon.com: New Chromium Crusher (63mm) 2.5" Premium Quality Tobacco Herb Grinder (non-aluminum grinder).: Everything Else[/ame]

    Checked out a site and it said this was a pretty good one. Just wanted to check with someone else before I bought it.
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  3. I've heard nothing but good thing about CC products. I would def hit that grinder up.
  4. Those are a very good brand, nice choice. A space case would be about twice as much, but honestly they probably aren't very different.
  5. Chromium Chrusher or Sharpstones. If you go any higher then $25, get a space case.
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    DEFFINITELY get the Chromium Crusher. I have a 2.25" 4 pc Chromium Crusher. I absolutely LOVE it. Ive had it for about 2 and a half months. They dont get scratches, or get metal shards in your kief (unlike cheap aluminum ones). They are also made really well and on the heavy side. Most of them come with a 1 year warrantee. They are only around 25 bucks on ebay shipped. I highly suggest them. :smoking:

    Edit: They also have the Teflon ring for a nice smooth grind, and they wont cross thread.
  7. Go for the CC grinder for sure. When it comes to grinders, you really cannot be a cheapskate because it will compromise your grind. You want a solid grinder with good teeth to give you an even consistency and a good screen and kief catcher.

    Also a really nice thing to have with your grinder is a guitar pick of your choice! These are essential for helping you pack bowls, bongs, and scraping keif! Enjoy!
  8. I got my 2.5" CC off ebay for like 17 bucks, also got one for a buddy. We both love it, very nice grinder.
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  10. I own a large space case, and can honestly say I will never need another grinder. They are awesome, the kief catcher is super smooth, highly polished. The section that holds your herbs is nice and deep, and the blades are sharp and grind the herb to a perfect size.
  11. Hey what have you guys heard about Sharpstone grinders, im seeing a five piece one here on Ebay for 25 buck
  12. I have sharpstone 3' and my buddy got a Chromium Crusher and the CC is IMO much better than my sharpstone.. and they are the same price on ebay so get the Cc

  13. Alright, what size or model would you recommend..
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    This is the one that my buddy and I have...it's not too bad to carry around in your pocket, you may want a smaller one if you intend on keeping in your pocket a lot but this one will prolly be fine.

  15. Hmm the link isnt working...
  16. Sorry, just edited it, should be good now.

  17. Oh sweet, its working now, did you and your friend order it from this same guy?
  18. Yes we did.
  19. Alright, sorry about taking so long to reply.

    Accidentally clicked the wrong one and got a 4" chromium crusher which works fine, but the holes are a little too big.

    Noticed the mistake and had enough money left on the gift card to get a 2.25" chromium crusher.

    It works great, the teeth are good quality, and it has a nice kief catcher. The only thing I don't like is the area that holds the ground herb isn't that deep, but I can deal with not grinding too much up at one time. :]

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