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Discussion in 'General' started by lman_15, Jul 8, 2004.

  1. I just got a bong today and i need a good place to hide it... Its around 6-7 inch high and the mouth piece is bent... so any help would be apriated ASAP plse...
  2. closet.......... or maybe under something..... or out of plain view.....all are good places.
  3. ^^^^
    that was sorta obvious but thnkz anways my mom doesn't really search my room well not ocashionaly... would it be good in mt dress underneither my close or rapped up in a t-shirt??? on in a box or backpack in my closet??? any other ideas???
  4. Um not in your clothe's droor im sure your mom puts clothes in there ya know mabye the backpack in the closset would work but if your beds up against the wall then stick it near one of the corners or put a small hole in your bottom matress and keep it in there.
  5. Why not put a plastic bag around it and hide it somewhere outside where you are sure it will be safe...somewhere close to your house (garden or something). This is how I used to hide my cigarettes back in tha day from my 'rents :)
  6. keep it where I keep my stash and spoon. throw it in like 3 ziploc bags (make sure they'er all zipped tight.) and duct tape it to the inside of your toilet tank.
  7. ^ thats some crazy measures to make sure you don't get caught, glad I don't have to go through that anymore

    on topic, I think you would know your room/house better then us and all the generic places have been said
  8. the secret is to not keep it in your room, cuz if you would get busted they'd search your room, but they wouldnt search say, maybe your basement? or somewhere like that where people dont go in and look all around like they would in their normal living quarters or if u were busted.

    edit: woo hoo i'm in the 700 club!
  9. when I'm in school, I live in my own place so I leave my shit laying all over the place, but I stupidly decided to come back home this summer, and my parents are nosy as hell.
  10. i keep mine in the kitchen. on top of the counters we have tons of pots up there and i just put my shit in one of thoes. its great to have 14ft tall cellings

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